You won’t be short of options when you need to send money out of the UK. Many banks and money transfer companies exist which offer great rates and services, but Ace Money Transfer stands high above the rest.

Based in north-west England, Ace Money Transfer is operating since 2002.

The transaction Fee Ace Money Transfer charges depends on these factors:

  • Senders country.
  • Receivers country.
  • How you send Ace the money.
  • How the recipient receives the money.

Ace supports 24 countries from where you can send money and about 93 countries where you can receive money. Ace covers many destinations across Asia and Africa also.

Exchange rate is the most important factor in deciding the money transfer service provider. Ace provides the best rates available on the market with low transaction costs and no hidden fees at all.

Another important factor in choosing the payment service provider is the transaction time this can depend on the sender’s and the receiver’s location. Although cash pickup only takes a few minutes, a bank deposit will take between 2 and 3 banking days.

With an impressive spectrum of destination countries Ace Money Transfer is one of the leaders in money transfer market. And one you should definitely try specially if you are sending money from Uk to one of the under-developed countries which Ace Money Transfer supports.

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