There are a few things that you must know regarding Online Money Transfer, and that is even if someone asks you details about your online transaction then there are two different types of details for that. First one is the one that you can share and the second one is that you cannot share with anyone.
As for first information, it includes the name of account holder, address, phone number, and amount. While for the second type of information it includes the PIN number or password that is provided to you for the purpose of receiving the cash.

Never Fall for Trap

Always makes sure that you should not use the same type of password again and again, and if you think that there is someone else also know about your password or PIN then change it quickly. Try to use different and unique passwords every single time. Even if you get any spam emails asking about your account password then be wise and understand that no one else needs to know about your password except you. And if someone asks for it then there is just one reason behind this and that is to withdraw every single penny inside your account. These frauds never give up, and always come up with new ideas to fool people.

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