Dedicated money transfer companies are able to provide you services with low exchange rates and competitive market performance. Many companies in money transferring business offer the service but it depends on what amount of money you are sending and where it needs to go. In order to choose wisely, it is necessary to analyze different companies according to the rates at which they are offering the service.

XE Money Transfer:

If you want to transfer money internationally, XE money transfer is best; known for cheap transfer fees. It is a part of Euronet worldwide which also includes Ria and Hiffx. These three are the largest money transfer business in the world. Without any processing fee, you can send any amount of money to 127 countries.


Transferwise enables you to send money abroad with lower transfer charges. It doesn’t charge any exchange-rate markup. Transferwise offers you to send money to 58 different countries through bank-account-to- bank accounts with no cash pick-ups.


If your money needs to be sent urgently, CurrenyFair is the best service to avail. It is an online peer-to-peer currency exchange service and it allows you to send money instantly while converting currency for a small fee but the processing fee can vary according to the currency you want to transfer.

Ria Money transfer:

If you want to send money to a country that most of the money transfer companies do not offer then you might like to go for Ria money transfer. This money transferring company offers services at 314,000 locations in 144 countries.

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