Sending money online is a very easy way to send money all over the world and here are some of the best ways to transfer the money online.


PayPal is the most commonly used method to transfer money all over the world and most of the people who are in the online jobs receives their pay through this and a lot of business runs over by the help of the PayPal. PayPal is best for all the people in the USA as they can send money to another through PayPal completely free.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is also one of the best ones but is slow. But you can avoid that by sending the money to someone who has their debit card as a default payment method in their Google Wallet.

Western Union

Western Union is also another one of the online money transfer methods and it allows you to send money in many of the countries and the money transfer limit offered by the western union is very wide too.


Venmo is like social media for money transfers. You can see your friend’s transactions and can also transfer money like that.

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