It is obvious that before you choose a babysitter for your baby then before that you would get to know each and everything about them, and try to find out a bit of their background as well. And even if there is nothing wrong about them still you try to sneak on them with a CCTV camera just to make sure that
how exactly she treats your child in your absence. Same is the case with your money as well that yo cannot let your money fall in the wrong hands or in the hands of some stranger. As nowadays there have been several scams regarding your money that is being used for illegal purposes.

Advertisement Scams

You might have seen several ads in the newspaper and on TV as well which guarantees a high salary job but after you have paid a specific amount to them either for registration or for acquiring starter kit to start working. But there are several cases that those are actually the criminal minds who want to use
your money for illegal purposes. In front of you they represent themselves as some charity organization but at the back end, they use that money to purchase arms and drugs. So beware that to who you are transferring your money, and never give out your bank account details to anyone. Because who else you can trust except yourself.

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