The most trouble that any traveller has to face especially with international travelling is regarding money. Travelling in your own country is a different thing but international travelling is a totally different thing. So there for you, it is nothing possible to do anything without money, even you are unable to borrow money from any friend as well because there are none. So you should consider
different fastest ad secure money transfer options in case of emergency. If you are travelling in the United States of America then there are several options available for yourself if you run out of money.

Wire Transfer

First of all, there are Wire Transfers which is done from bank to bank, and it just takes a few minutes for the money to reach you. All you have to do is to find the specific bank and then claim your money after verification. After that, you have some other options available for yourself as well like MoneyGram,
Western Unions, and Xoom etc. These options are a bit expensive because these private companies charge you with their hidden fee as well. But if you have a bank account in that specific country then it gets easier for you to receive cash instantly and with even less fee than a wire transfer.

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