Everything in this world has two sides, for example, is something is beneficial for you then there is no way that thing will provide benefit for you 100%, but actually, there are some drawbacks as well for it. As you already know that Information Technology has developed a lot, and it has helped everyone in a
lot of different ways. First of all, let’s talk about the advantages of Online Money Transfer, and that would be an instant transfer of money, unlike the last decade. Further, you can also keep a track to all of your transaction if you are going to get it done with a bank because several banks now offer Online

The drawback of Online Money Transfer

Bank will keep you informed with calls and text messages about the debit and credit of your bank account. Now coming to a few drawbacks of Online Money Transfer, and when it comes to disadvantage then you must know that this service does not come for free. If the service has got fast, similarly the
price for sending your money has also been raised. Then in several cases of Online banking sometimes the money is not transferred but it is deducted from the account. And then it is further another lengthy process of claiming that money.

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