Pros and Cons

As you already know that there is not a single thing in this world right now that is perfect. So if you think that there is something that is 100% beneficial for you, then it is totally wrong. But actually, there is always 1% disadvantage as well in it for you as well. Even though our lives have been a lot easier with
the advent of Online Money Transfer, and no doubt it is really beneficial as well, but on the other side, it has some dark effects as well which most of us usually neglect. First of all, you have to pay the high fee for the money transfer, unlike the traditional methods that were used in the past with no additional
charges to move money around.

Pros and Cons of Online Money Transfer

Then secondly transferring your money with the help of the internet is not always safe. You must know that the internet is one of the unsecured places, full of cyber-attacks and hackers at the other ends of their laptops and high-end computers. Then just in case of server failure or transaction failure, there
might be a possibility that money has been transferred from your end but it was not received at the other end.

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