Of course there is not a single person who wants to get themselves robbed, and for this reason, they always take extra precautions to not give any chance to robbers. Same is the case with Online Money Transfer as well, but the only difference here is that the term robbers has been changed to hackers. And
these are the people who can actually convert your account balance to Zero. So as those companies are responsible for sending your money to the required destination then there is nothing wrong about asking your necessary questions. And those money sending companies are bound to answer every single of your answers.

Ask till you are sure

But the thing is that how they will answer your questions. Or in other words, if they are sure about what they are answering or if the answers are just to make you trust them. First of all, you must ask about all the fee or any other extra charges for sending money. But never forget to ask for all the hidden charges
as well, and once you get the detailed final receipt then match it with all of their given details. And if you are even a little doubtful about the services of that specific company then you can simply just choose some other company.

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