Frauds and Scams are one of the common things in Online Money Transfer, and every day hundreds or maybe even thousands of people become victims for such illegal stuff. But the main thing is how you can save yourself from wasting your money or ruining yourself by transferring your money to a fraud
stranger. And nowadays there is a new trend of text messages or Emails about you winning hundreds of dollars even you have not purchased any lottery ticket.

Fake Lottery

Even they are so sure in those emails that you have taken part in a lottery or some game, and as a result, you have won that prize money. Usually, the amount that they offer is so high that sometimes people fall for it. But there is something that you needs to understand that no one will give you such a high
payment for nothing. These scams are just to receive a little amount from you or to get the details of your account. Sometimes they also attach a link to that mail, and you will get the prize money by clicking that link. But at the other end by clicking that link you are actually sending all your information and data to those hackers.

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