pakistan remittances

Pakistan Remittances is counted as one of the greatest remittance receivers in the world. Being one of the third world countries, Pakistan receives about $2 billion remittances per month. Remittances can be called as a blessing for an economy lacking many areas of growth.

Pakistan Remittances

The current government is showing a healthy response to bring improvements to the remittance service in order to use this resource in the best way possible. Several steps are taken in order to provide incentives to the remittance service. These incentives are provided in the areas of B2C (Business to customer) and C2B (customer to business) transactions:


  • In the case of Freelance and information systems services, transactions are allowed up to 15,000 per individual per month.
  • The transaction limit is 15,000 per individual per month for transactions other than computerized and information services as well.
  • People who are receiving pensions will be able to receive up to Rs250, 000 per month.


  • Residents of Pakistan can easily receive payments while sitting at their homes.
  • Overseas Pakistanis will be allowed to participate in the purchasing activity of real estate businesses.

Additionally, PM has also decided to establish a committee for surveying the conditions and problems of overseas Pakistani workers for further improvement.



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