How Can Foreign Nationals In the EU Play Vital Role For Better Relationship Between The Two Countries? How Can Facilitate Them?

Do you know how to send money to Pakistan from European countries?  On the need for development in Pakistan, the EU, the Pakistani administration, and the Pakistani foreign nationals all agree. Only sound economic and political structures would enable this to happen. As a result, systematic engagement with the diaspora is needed. […]

How Emigrants Transfer Money To Home When They Lost Jobs During Current Scenario?

Remittances or migrants send money to Nigeria to their families back home are lifelines for millions of people. In 2019, remittances to low- and middle-income countries surpassed foreign direct investment and official development assistance, totalling $550 billion. These are just registered flows; the proper scale, which includes flows across unofficial channels, […]

How Home Country’s Governments Help Out Expatriates In EU Amid Covid-19 Pandemic?

Bangladeshi diaspora sends money to Bangladesh is approximately £1.04 billion in February 2021. Bangladesh is improving, but it remains one of the world’s least developed countries. Thousands of people have relocated to work in other countries. Some are successful, but many are oppressed and denied their rights. The government will offer […]

Has sending money in South Asia really increased?

The Washington-based lender reported in the report South Asia Economic Focus South Asia vaccinates, which was unusual compared with other areas in the unforesaid purchase in officially registered transfers during 2020, especially during the latter part of the year. If people keep sending money to Nepal, Pakistan or Bangladesh, The remittance […]

How Philippines Remittance surprised to support PHP?

5.1% development of Overseas Filipino money remittances. Remittances up 5.1% in February Learn how your sending money to Philippines helped the economy. Overseas Filipino (OF) remittances developed by 5.1%, outperforming market assumptions for a 2.0% increase as economies of host nations proceeded to return and ocean-based Filipinos profited by a pickup […]

How to Stabilize Declining Currency?

Countries, majorly the developing ones, frequently experience currency depreciation. Various factors are related to the currency depreciation including interest rates, trade, foreign reserves, etc. It is important for countries to keep a stabilized value of the currency in international markets in order to allow the economy to grow sustainably. Economists are […]

What is the Importance of Entrepreneurship?

Modern economies are largely occupied by people who made a bright future in the field of entrepreneurship. Strongest economies these days have successful entrepreneurs who bring new ideas to the market. Business, in this modern world, has become so much important and more than that, the new ideas I introduced to […]