Secure Payment Transfer Methods – AML Compliance in Money Remittance

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Are you terrified of getting scammed due to your constant need of sending remittances? Significant chunks of the population from the developing countries migrate towards the west for better livelihood opportunities. In such scenarios, the expatriates send money back to their home country to support their families. The economy of most […]

KYC and KYB – Essential Considerations for Remittance Companies in 2022

Online remittance companies have been spreading across the globe at a rapid speed. These financial institutions are made up of significant policies that make them reliable, efficient and workable. If you are a financial institution (FI), you should be aware of many things, especially your customer. For instance, if your customers […]

Relationship between Purchasing Behaviour and Remittances in Nepal

It is not only the remittances that can bring about a positive change in one’s financial life. Nepali expatriates send money to Nepal from abroad to support their families financially. But, equally crucial alongside international money transfers by the expatriates is the people’s purchasing behaviour. Here, you will walk through the […]