14th August – Independence Day of Pakistan

pakistan independence day

With the arrival of 14th August Independence Day, all those memories of the formation of Pakistan relive in the memories of the elders, and same way youngsters try to make this day as special as they can by decorating houses and streets. Moreover, on this eve several Pakistanis living abroad try to send money online to their family so they can also celebrate this day, and especially on this year when Eid-ul-Adha is right beside Independence Day, there is more need for money. In addition, for this purpose many money transfer services including ACE Money Transfer provides a special package for their customers. ACE Money Transfer or Aftab Currency Exchange is an England based company, and one of the leading money transfer companies around the world.

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Regions of Pakistan

Now coming back to the topic, so Pakistan is one of the top countries in the world with the most population, and it is the 33rd largest country in the world regarding land, which covers 340,509 sq. miles. Further, you must know that Pakistan shares its border with India and China in the East, Afghanistan, and Iran to the West.

However, there are very few who knows that Pakistan also shares a bit of its portion to Tajikistan and Oman. As for Tajikistan, it is closed to the border of Pakistan but separated by a very narrow corridor named as Wakhan Corridor, which was developed by Afghanistan in 1893 under the contract of Durand Line. Moreover, for Oman, it shares its Marine Border with them.

Pakistan is one of the topmost lands with rich culture and ancient civilizations, as for now only two different ancient civilizations have been discovered so far on this land. In addition, both of these civilizations were situated along Indus River, and both of them were of Bronze Age. Pakistan is not just rich in culture and ancient history, but it is also one of the wonderful places to live in. Even though Kashmir is a disputed state, but it is considered as a Paradise on Earth, and you can find several wonders of nature in just that part of the globe. Pakistan also shares a coastline of 650 miles with the Arabian Sea and a bit of a portion with the Gulf of Oman.


As for the location of Pakistan, it is situated at Indus Tsangpo Junction Zone. Further, you should know that Pakistan does not just have a single type of Land, but it mainly consists of three different regions, providing the experience of every single type of land. First, there is Plateau, which is situated in Balochistan Province, and then there is plain which is situated along the Indus River region. And in the last comes the Highland or mountainous area, which is situated in the Northern Region. Then coming to the climate of this whole land, and for that Pakistan experiences all types of climates including extreme heat, snowfall, fog, rainfall, and hail.


As for rainfall, there are two different seasons, and Monsoon is the one with heavy rainfall all around the country and even some of these rainfalls turn into a flood as well. And then comes dry seasons in which getting a rainfall is just like having a miracle. Then unlike any other country in the world, Pakistan experiences all four types of seasons that include winter, summer, spring, and autumn. Winters over here are very cold and dry followed by autumn. And as for summers, they are hot and full of moisture. Besides this, Pakistan shares one of the largest tourism industry in the world, and all of this is possible due to the natural and preserved land and wildlife of Pakistan. Completely Northern range is full of Coniferous trees, which includes pine tree, spruce, and cedar trees. Besides, if you are looking for palm trees then they can be found in the Balochistan and Sindh province. And other parts of Pakistan has many other types of trees as well with a vast variety.


Now coming to the wildlife of Pakistan, which is no doubt another attractive part of it. There are more than 650 species of different birds found in this region, and these birds are not just the locals, but actually, many of them migrate every year from the west, and eastern region. Coming to South Plains, and this region is house to Indian Civet, Jackals, Pangolin, Mongoose, rabbits, desert cat, and jungle cat. And for the Indus region, you can find Mugger Crocodiles in the rivers, and porcupine, wild boar, a different type of rodents are found in the nearby lands. Getting to the desert area you will find hyenas, jackals, leopard, wild cats, and Chinkara. But due to lack of vegetation now, it has become hard for the animals of this region to survive. But Chinkara and Blue Bull have still somehow survived even in such harsh conditions.

Wildlife Preserve

As for the northern region, it is also no less for the wildlife having the national animal of Pakistan, Markhor. Following this one there are several other unique goat species as well that exist in this area, which includes Urial, Marco Polo Sheep, and ibex. Whereas for other wild creatures you will find the Brown bear, black bear, and snow leopard, which is an endangered species right now, and one of the magnificent creatures that walk on the mountains of Himalaya. And let us not forget the symbol of Indus River, which is known as Indus River Dolphin or Blind Dolphin. Also, this type of dolphin is only found in just one country in the whole world, and that is of course Pakistan. Wildlife Federation is trying to preserve these dolphins and snow leopards because they are near to extinct. And the reasons behind this is their constant hunt, which has decreased their number to just less than 1500.