November 15, 2019
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ways of online money transfer

The trustable and an authentic website and medium on which anyone can rely easily is ACE Money. It provides thousands of ways to transfer your amount safely and securely without charging any extra amount and maintain a good relationship with its client. People all around the world have started trusting and using Ace money. Sending […]

Sending money from Pakistan

From the past few years, the growth of sending money from Pakistan is increased. Pakistan sent remittance growth is 13.14 percent in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2018-2019 which is approximately 5.40 billion US dollars. The World Bank staff estimates the Personal remittance paid in Pakistan in current US dollars for the year […]

Money send to Bangladesh

The ratio of money send to Bangladesh is growing high. Remittance inflows of Bangladesh are the second-highest foreign currency earnings for the Bangladeshis economics. Remittance sent by the Bangladeshis migrants makes a significant impact on the overall economic development of Bangladesh. The World Bank stated that Bangladesh is the 9th country that receive most of the remittance from other countries. Ways for […]

Money Transfer to Bangladesh online

World Bank reported Bangladesh is the 9th country who receives the most of Money Transfer from abroad. Indeed there are many ways to Money Transfer to Bangladesh online. You surely want to know about the best that creates a confident environment for Money Transfer to Bangladesh online. Which Countries does Money Transfer to Bangladesh the […]

Money Transfer app in Pakistan

A report presented by the survey, according to that more than 60% of people have been using the Money Transfer app in Pakistan. Do you think money transfer through the app in Pakistan is difficult or headache for normal living people? No, Money Transfer app is the best and easy way to transfer money in […]

How to sending of money anonymously online

Sending money to different places has now become a part of daily routine since the emergence of this technique. People often send money to their relatives or friends’ etc. living at distant places from them. Out of privacy or any other reason, some people feel obliged to send money without having to let the recipient […]


Promoting the Legalization of Money Remittance through Online Channels  Aftab Currency Exchange Private Limited widely recognized as ACE Money Transfer hosted the highly enlightening GLOBAL REMITTANCE EVENT in Manchester, UK on September 22, 2019. ACE Money Transfer is a global partner of several banks and financial institutions around the world. What distinguishes this event from […]