What Are The Different Types Of Digital Payment System In Developing Countries Of Africa?

Expatriates regularly send money to Nigeria through formal and informal channels. Electronic payment systems use integrated hardware and software to enable the electronic payment of goods and services rather than cash or paper checks. Payment cards like credit cards, debit cards, smartcards, and stored value cards; electronic fund transmission; electronic checks; […]

What Are The Steps Taken To Promote Digital Finance System In Developing Countries?

Expatriates mostly use digital finance services to send money to Bangladesh for their families. To create a genuinely Digital Bangladesh, we must first revamp our financial system so that more and more services are available online. In this aspect, significant progress has been made in recent years, with many Bangladeshis preferring […]

How Digital Money Transfer System Made Contact To Families Easy For Expatriates?

As an overseas Pakistani, how would you send money to Pakistan from your host country? Payments are generally viewed by ex-pats as just another kind of family contact. Still, the massive shift in technology has proven that electronic payments will provide various chances for businesses and individuals to transfer money more […]

Should you use EFT Payments in your Business?

If you are a business owner, you would always prefer to indulge in saving time and money. You may undoubtedly be using automated software to track incoming and outgoing payments. There are also different kinds of software available in the market that automate emails to your customers and vendors.  Likewise, electronic […]

What Is The Trend Of Money Transfers To The Philippines By Overseas Filipino Workers In 2021?

Send money to Philippines is expected to climb by as much as 7% this year, bucking the worldwide decline and supporting a comeback in family expenditure, according to financial giant Morgan Stanley. Access to social aid provided by host economies undoubtedly aided some OFWs (overseas Filipino workers), whereas OFWs in Asia […]

What Are The Economic Issues And Available Solutions For The Sub-Saharan Countries OF Africa?

Nigerians in foreign countries are known to be the most educated individuals who send money to Nigeria regularly to support their families. Foreign revenue helps Nigeria’s governmental debt, at 25% of GDP, is quite manageable. However, debt service obligations are substantial, and macroeconomic imbalances and policy uncertainties impair the country’s capacity […]