What Are the New Regulations On International Money Transfers By Central Bank Of Nigeria?

Do you send money to Nigeria from abroad? If yes, you must thoroughly read this article. Nigeria continues to be the region’s largest remittance receiver and the seventh-largest within low and middle-income countries (LMICs), with estimated remittances of about $21.7 billion, down more than $2 billion from 2019. According to a […]

What Is The Annual Remittance Of Nepal As Compare To Its Neighboring Countries?

Do you know how Nepalese send money to Nepal from abroad? Nepal is one of the world’s top remittance recipients (as a proportion of GDP). For a small landlocked economy ravaged by a decade-long Maoist insurgency (1996–2006), prolonged political turmoil, a sluggish growth rate, and massive migration of youths seeking jobs […]

What Are The Top Countries With Highest Number Of Filipinos Working Abroad?

Remittances or send money to Philippines bring money directly into the hands of individuals and households, pulling millions out of poverty and stimulating economic growth through improved access to credit, education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. It’s no wonder that the Philippines is one of the biggest recipients of foreign funds globally, with […]

What Is the Position Of Bangladesh In Sub-Continent Regarding Flow Of Remittance?

Thousands of Bangladeshi diaspora living abroad send money to Bangladesh. Bangladesh has experienced frequent and massive labour migration to other countries since the 1970s, and it is still one of Asia’s most remittance-receiving countries. Remittances, like foreign employment, have been steadily increasing in recent years as their share of GDP and […]

How Is Remittance A Boon To Development of Home And Host Countries Of Expatriates?

Expatriates send money to Pakistan or any other country to support their families. It Is called remittance. Remittances, or money sent home by migrant workers, have been dubbed “manna from overseas” because they are a significant source of economic sustainability and poverty alleviation in many developing countries. At first glance, it […]

What is Fiscal and Monetary policy?

Fiscal vs Monetary Policy

Modern economic systems are highly based upon a number of policies that contribute to the dynamics of economic activity. Fiscal and monetary policies are the crucial ones. Both are controlled by the government and central banks that have the controls like money supplies, inflation rates and the tax rates as well. […]

What Are The Up And Downs In Nigerian Foreign Direct Investment During Recent Couple Of Years?

Each year people send money to Nigeria for Investment and trade. After Egypt and Ethiopia, Nigeria is Africa’s third-largest FDI recipient. The country is one of Africa’s most exciting growth poles, attracting a slew of investors in the hydrocarbon, energy, and construction sectors, among others. The effects of the oil counter-shock […]

How Is Government Supporting Expatriates To Enhance Remittance Inflow To The Country?

The government of Pakistan always values overseas Pakistanis send money to Pakistan from abroad. The Pakistani government values foreign Pakistanis and is dedicated to cultivating, nurturing, and preserving a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship between the two countries. Foreign exchange remittances are not the only way that Pakistanis living abroad can […]

What Are The Reasons Behind Rising In Remittance To Country Despite Prolonged Lockdown?

Nepalese expatriates send money to Nepal is risen by 12.6 percent in the fiscal year. Despite predictions that remittance inflows will decline due to the global spread of COVID-19, capital inflows increased by 12.6 percent to Rs.258.86 billion in the first three months of the current fiscal year. The remittance volume […]

What Is The Trend Of Remittance To the Philippines Before And After The Situation Of Pandemic?

Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs send money to Philippines, as they are widely called, are significant contributors to the Philippines’ economic growth. The money they send home in the form of remittances allows their families to pay for necessities, including food, bills, and school fees, as well as the occasional treat. […]