What Are The Challenges For The Fast Growing Economy Of Bangladesh?

Expatriates send money to Bangladesh was the only considerable support for the country’s economy during the pandemic. Resolving longer-term structural issues could hasten the recovery after COVID-19. Diversifying exports outside the RMG sector, deepening the financial sector, enhancing urbanization, and boosting public governance are among the reform initiatives. Addressing infrastructural gaps […]

How Do You See The Bilateral Relationship Between Bangladesh And Germany?

Bangladeshi diasporas in Germany send money to Bangladesh through formal channels to support their family. Germany was among the first countries to recognize Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan in 1972, establishing diplomatic relations, and is regarded as a long-term and dependable development partner, as well as a trade partner and a key […]

How Has The Pandemic Changes The Way Of Receiving And Sending Money To Home Country From Abroad?

How would you prefer to send money to Nigeria if you are asked to choose the best way? The COVID-19 disease outbreak and the economic havoc it has left in its wake have highlighted the growing importance and relevance of readily available digital remittance products worldwide. According to Abeo, an expatriate working […]

How Much Are Remittances Thought To Have Decreased In Nepal As A Result Of The Coronavirus Outbreak?

Do you know how many Nepalese in the Uk send money to Nepal regularly? The Nepalese economy is one of the world’s most remittance-dependent economies. Remittances accounted for nearly 26% of the country’s GDP in 2019, totalling roughly USD 8.64 billion. According to the World Bank, remittances to Nepal are expected […]

What Is the Significance Of Multilateral Relationship Between the United Kingdom And Pakistan?

Pakistani diasporas in the UK send money to Pakistan each month apart from trade collaboration between the nations. The Cooperation Agreement between the EU and Pakistan, which was signed in 2004, governs bilateral trade relations between the two countries. The EU-Pakistan 5-year Engagement Plan, which began in 2012, includes enhancing bilateral […]

How Are The Bilateral Ties Between Nepal And Europe In Recent Years?

Remittance is expatriates send money to Nepal from abroad, and this amount is increased during recent years from European countries like Germany.  In 1975, Nepal established formal diplomatic relations with the then-EC. Cooperation on development with the European Community began in 1973. In 1992, EC established a technical office in Kathmandu. […]

How Do You Analyze Trade And Human Resource Cooperation Between the Philippines And European Union?

The majority of Filipino workers send money to Philippines from European countries, as the work-life balance and paid salaries are higher than other countries around the world. Apart from remittance, under the EU’s standard Generalised Scheme of Favours, the Philippines benefits from trade preferences given by the EU (GSP). As part […]

What Are The Ties With European Countries To Bangladesh As Least Developed Country Of South Asia?

Most of the people send money to Bangladesh as remittance is received from European countries. Bangladesh advantages from the most beneficial regime possible under the EU’s Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP), namely the Everything But Arms (EBA) arrangement, as a Least Developed Country (LDC). The EBA provides duty-free quotas and free […]

What Are The Highest Paying Countries For Overseas Filipino Workers?

Most – if not all – monthly send money to Philippines from the UK, Canada, Australia, and other European countries. Workforce and qualified professionals are two of the Philippines’ most important exports. Overseas jobs have become appealing to many Filipino professionals due to the prospect of improved working conditions and more […]