7 Do’s And Don’ts For Online Money Transfer

Almost all people have used some mode for completing digital transactions like online money transfers to send money to Pakistan or elsewhere, especially during this pandemic. We are at that point where it is not possible to avoid making financial transactions like money transfers. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a secure platform to conduct financial transactions online. Money transfers are considered more secure on mobile apps instead of other means of sending money. Because money transfer apps provide very safe ways to send money online, ACE Money Transfer is one of the best mobile apps. This app is best because it takes care of extensive safety measures to ensure that online money transfers are protected, and it charges a meager fee for the quality services it provides.

People feel more confident while using their devices for money transfers to Pakistan and their respective home countries because they are secure and easy to use.

As online money transfer apps are taking extensive security measures but for better protection, you need to play an important role by keeping in mind the following do’s and don’ts while conducting transactions online like money transfer:


  1. Firstly, you must set a strong pin or password for your device and the app you are using to send money to Pakistan online.
  2. Use a verified and licensed app for online money transfer and download it from your device’s app store or play store for more excellent protection.
  3. While selecting the money transfer app, you must read and understand all terms and conditions. Check if they are suitable for the protection of your data or not.
  4. You must read reviews of people to ensure the reliability of a money transfer
  5. After using the app or making any transaction, you must immediately exit the app or log out of the app. So, no one can make any payment or conduct any transaction without your prior consent.
  6. Make use of quality anti-virus in your device to ensure the protection of your device. An anti-virus timely removes all malware and viruses that are harmful to the health of the device and the security of data.
  7. Always use your phone to log in to the app for making transactions. It is very crucial to avoid any misuse and fraudulent activity.
  8. If you’re sending money for the first time or responding to an email or advertisement, do your homework first. Please make every effort to verify that they are who they claim to be.


  1. Never share your device’s pin code or password and money transfer app to avoid fraud and any other malicious activity.
  2. Not for a moment leave your device without a password or never remove your device password.
  3. Do not leave your device unattended while you are processing any transaction.
  4. You should never log in money transfer app on someone else device.
  5. Do not use the same password for other platforms. Ensure that the pin or password you are using is unique and never utilize the save password feature for this purpose.
  6. Do not enter your information anywhere without prior investigation or authentication.
  7. Do not use predictable passwords, i.e., expected date like your date of birth, etc.
  8. Don’t give out your bank or credit card information over the phone or via email to anyone who contacts you.

ACE Money Transfer is fully regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is dedicated to delivering a safe and secure means of online money transfer to Pakistan and worldwide to your loved ones. For additional details, see our Fraud Awareness statement.