7 Reasons People Decide to Move to Foreign Countries

In the modern world, everyone has a motive to prefer foreign countries for movement, such as employment opportunities, better lifestyle, fresh head start, etc. According to a report concluded in 2017, around 188,000 expats from Pakistan were living in the UK. In contrast with the information from 2008, when approximately 189,000 Pakistanis expats were found residing in the UK. No matter the cause, these expats ultimately send money to Pakistan from the UK to their loved ones, friends, and families. Today, you’ll be able to learn about the 7 top reasons behind people travelling overseas. 

  1. Better Employment Opportunities

Countries with well-established economies tend to offer better employment opportunities. The same is the case with the annual earnings and lifestyle necessities. Expats work hard all the way to earn a better income and accommodate a better livelihood. When these expats send money to Pakistan from UK, the beneficiaries can acquire a handsome amount due to better economic value. Let’s look at the figure for Pakistanis expats and their average annual income. 

The Average Income in the UK for Pakistani Expats

Different reports validate that expats have higher odds of making distinctive capital per Anum. For instance, if you are an expat working in London, the Bloomberg report from 2018 indicates an average income of approximately USD 107,900 per Anum. The average income stated in the UK is slightly higher than the global average, i.e., USD 99,000 per Anum. 

The Average Income in Europe for Pakistani Expats

As per the diaspora report for Pakistani immigrants in Europe, the estimated figure ranges around 2.2 million. Out of which, half of the immigrants tend to move towards the UK. These immigrants also send money to Pakistan online from Europe in a significant ratio, contributing to international remittance in Pakistan. Switzerland is ranked as the best European state for an average salary of € 8624.18 per Anum. After Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, and Germany account for the highest-paid average income at € 3864, € 3811, € 3800, € 3604.


The Average Income in Canada for Pakistani Expats 

Various reports have shown that an accumulative 215,000 Canadians have Pakistani origin. For 2019, Canada was recognised as the fifth-largest permanent residency for Pakistani immigrants. After earning impressive figures in Canada, these expats then find reliable ways to send money to Pakistan from Canada as the average income in Canada is expected to range around $54,630 per year or a gross income of $1050 per week.

  1. Better Educational Opportunities

Foreign countries have undoubtedly state-of-the-art technology to offer exceptional educational facilities. Look at the number of universities, educational institutions, certified training programs, and every other relevant sector. The distinction is remarkably impressive. Also, the expats have a higher chance of getting partial, semi or completely paid scholarships programs. 

  1. To Experience Climate Change

Another one of the leading reasons for the majority of expats is climate. Many people are clingy towards getting an appropriate environment that suits them the best. A notable proportion of Pakistani expats tend to relocate to foreign countries, searching for exclusive climatic conditions. Climate change has multiple health benefits that one can experience right after relocation to a new climatic zone. The cold and snowy climate is quite appealing, creating positive energy if you are young and energetic. At the same time, people with old age tend to move towards regions with warmer climatic conditions. 

  1. Reunion with Families or Loved Ones

Many people live without their families, although it is challenging to accomplish. Not having your loved ones by your side in the moments of happiness, hardships, and other events can break you to the core. Sometimes, the causes for their distant living are finances, sponsorship, or visa conflicts. But as soon as any expat is stable enough to support financial requirements for their loved ones, the next thing is calling them to a foreign country; so that they can rejoin their families and continue to live a joyful life. No doubt, life is a continuous journey. The best part is what is spent among people that make you laugh, smile, and cheer up when you feel down. 

  1. Change in Environment

Sometimes, it’s just that you are in a deep desire to change the environment. It’s acceptable, as sometimes, the human mind is exhausted by environmental conditions. Most people consider relocating to foreign countries for a complete change in the environment since it brings them the energy to focus on priorities and progressive growth opportunities positively. But before one shall make up their mind for relocation, it’s best to consider all the possible factors of next destination. As always said, “Prevention is better than cure!”

  1. To Support Better Livelihood

It’s completely fine if you are relocating with the prime motive to yearn for better income. You are not alone in the journey to look out for better opportunities so that you can earn more and send money to Pakistan online. Millions of Pakistani expats struggle their way out to make significant yearly incomes. In the long run, most of these people tend to have a brighter future. As they keep managing money transfers to Pakistan, their loved ones can afford all the basic to luxurious necessities. Henceforth, the livelihood is positively groomed. 

  1. For a Fresh Start 

If you are looking forward to an adventurous life, relocation to a foreign country is the best option. Most Pakistani expats have moved to foreign countries to take a fresh start. Sometimes, it’s the best thing you can do. Life is always full of surprises to those who consider life the most beautiful gift. You can always start your career, studies, or new venture in any foreign country with a fresh beginning, as this will help you create a new version of yourself within the same life. Doesn’t that sound good getting a chance to relive life again? 

Whatever your reasons for relocation to foreign countries, such as the UK, Europe, or Canada. It is guaranteed that it will be among one of these seven reasons. One must always choose what’s best to achieve the sole purpose of their life. However, if you relocate to any foreign country, you don’t need to worry at all about your loved ones back at home. ACE Money Transfer is always at a distance of your fingertips. ACE has got it all covered up, whether it’s about managing an online money transfer to Pakistan or paying a bill and sending mobile top-up to your loved ones in Pakistan. Expats can send funds 24/7 using the online portal of ACE Money Transfer, or you can take advantage of the ACE mobile application. For more details and information, visit www.acemoneytransfer.com today and unleash the world of cost-effective and convenient remittances to Pakistan.