A Beginner’s Guide To Online Money Transfer Scams

Did you ever think of internet fraud before you send money to Gambia or another country of the world? Scams are no longer limited to the gullible. They still come in the form of letters, messages, and phone calls, but more con artists are turning to the internet for a chance to steal your money. Scammers are becoming more creative in their attempts to steal your money. This guide will teach you how to spot a scam? How to defend yourself? And What should you do when you’re a sufferer?

Most of the ex-pats who send money to Gambia online consistently ask questions about these scams. Every year, millions of people become victims of internet scams and online fraud. It’s difficult to keep up with crooks and scam artists who constantly change their methods to stay one step ahead of the law enforcement authorities. However, you should take a few easy but crucial measures to safeguard yourself against online fraud.

How to Keep Safe Your Money and Information Safe from Scammers?

The easiest way to defend your accounts from online fraud is to use common sense, and a “agree but confirm” approach. You should read the policy and reconfirm details before online money transfer to Gambia. Here are some easy steps you may take to safeguard yourself:

  • Update your email password and software regularly, and don’t use the same password for your email and other accounts.
  • Instead of “HTTP,” encrypted websites begin with “HTTPS.” A lock icon can appear in your browser to indicate that the site is encrypted.
  • Sending complete account numbers, passwords, wiring directions, or other personal information via email is not a good idea.
  • Do not open attachments or follow links in emails from unknown senders.

What Should I Do If Unluckily Got Scammed?

You can contact Action Fraud by calling them or reporting it online if you suspect someone is attempting to steal your money or personal information.

The National Fraud Crime Monitoring Center in the United Kingdom is Action Fraud. It collects information on scams and forwards it to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau for police review.

While not every complaint leads to a police investigation, any information you provide can help create a better understanding of how scams operate and who is behind everything.

Even if the fraudsters were unsuccessful, you would report an attempted scam.

If your money has been stolen due to a scam, you can also call your local police department’s non-emergency number. 


Money transfer to Gambia online or your home country is safe and secure. But it is always an excellent approach to take safety measure to avoid future mishaps. Use a secure and advanced money transfer services like Ace Money Transfer for money transfer to Gambia and other parts of the world.