A Reliable Way to Send Money to Pakistan

Pakistan ranked 7th in 2018 as the biggest country who receives most of the cross border remittances. Do you know why? Because of Pakistan range in lower or middle-income countries. Most of the population go abroad to earn and send money to Pakistan back to their loved ones. A vast community of Pakistan living on elsewhere earned money that their migrant loved ones send. This situation increases the need for active service used for money transfer to Pakistan.

Money transfer to Pakistan can be done through various ways like bank and other money transfer services. Banks consider as the traditional way to send money, but Pakistanis believe it best for keeping money not for posting it. People find out that it is not fulfilling their needs and not offering desirable features for sending money.

Thanks to technology advancement, the result in excellent online money transfer service that offers advance features. But all are not offering money transfer features on the same level. But I can tell you about the perfect of all named ACE Money Transfer. Let’s have a look at best of its features that help you send money to Pakistan online.

Low Fee:

The biggest desire of any Pakistani migrant to have a money transfer service that helps them in sending money. Not only that, but you can also send money online without any additional or extra charges.

High Exchange Rate:

Who doesn’t want it? Unlike other money transfer services that charge a high fee but provide you low exchange rate. High exchange rate ensures that your receiver receives most of the sent money and your money converts to another currency at a high price.

Multiple Ways of Money Transfer:

You can send money to Pakistan via:

  • Cash pick-up
  • Bank transfer

Cash pick up helps you to transfer money to Pakistan to a cash pick up location. Your recipient can pick up cash by going to a cash pick up location.

Bank transfer helps you to transfer money directly to your recipient bank account. Your recipient can easily pick up by going to an affiliate branch.

Various payment methods are here to pay for you transaction to send money to Pakistan online via:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Online bank transfer
  • Trustly

How Can You Create a Transaction to Transfer Money to Pakistan?

  • Create an account or register yourself to use website or money transfer app.
  • Choose Destination Country means your recipient country
  • From the Pay-out calculator, select pay-out option, i.e. Cash pick-up or bank transfer
  • Preferred Pay-out Partner nearly present to your recipient
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Enter Recipient Info
  • Choose Payment Method (e.g. Debit Card, Credit Card or Online Bank Transfer)
  • Confirm the details, and you are ready to send money online.

Customer Service

While creating a transaction to transfer money to Pakistan online, you will greet with excellent customer service. ACE Money Transfer service offers you to send money online with them and leave the rest of all to them. They will gracefully handle all situations for you.

You can have customer from a professional money transfer service that is trusted worldwide and entertaining world customers with their unmatchable services via call, email and live webchat.