send money to bangladesh

Send money online globally through money transfer service providers to any country. Similarly, you can send money to Bangladesh via online money transfer conveniently. ACE Money Transfer also provides the service to send money to Bangladesh online at its best.

Send Money to Bangladesh online:

Bangladeshi people living far from their homeland are earning so much hard work. These people send money to Bangladesh as remittance or funds. The people require a reliable and economical money transfer to send money online to their families in Bangladesh. To send money to Bangladesh online banks and online running organizations are also available. These provide online money transfer services to people. The banks are not a likely option because of the high fees and exchange rates. Also, everyone needs a fast and simple process for his or her ease. Contrarily banks do not provide this to the people. Therefore, online organizations are the best choice for people especially living in a foreign country. Because online money transfer has, low fees and has the best exchange rates offer. These people attract toward affordable and pocket-friendly services.

send money online

Why send money online?

Overseas people have a very busy schedule in life. These people require a convenient online process for money transfer because:

  • You can money transfer anytime and anywhere by using just an internet connection. One can transfer money to the recipient sitting in his drawing room or having tea in the evening.
  • Online money transfer service has excluded bank visits and manual procedures. You do not have to get out of your place and wait for money transfer.
  • These offer low fees and the best exchange rates. This makes the online transfer very budget-friendly for the foreign Bangladeshi.

These benefits of online money transfer make the money transfer very feasible and the first choice of the people.

Online money transfer organizations:

To send money to Bangladesh online many organizations are working worldwide. The list of these organizations includes ACE Money Transfer, Western Union, PayPal, World Remit, Money Gram, Xoom, and Transfer Wise and May more. Many service providers among these have established a big name in the world of money transfer. These names are providing people with money transfer services at low charges. ACE Money Transfer has made a reliable name in the money transfer business. It is providing money transfer service at its best to the customers.

ACE Money Transfer:

ACE Money transfer is a UK based organization. It is the brand name of Aftab Currency Exchange Limited. The organization has its head office there in the United Nations. It provides the facility of excellent money transfer as remittance or funds to the family overseas. ACE has the facility of sending a money transfer from 23 countries. And it sends money transfer as remittance or fund globally to over 90 countries. It has the lowest fee for money transfer among all the organizations in its business. The exchange rates offered by the company are also the best of all. You can get the best money transfer experience via ACE Money Transfer services.

Procedure for money transfer via ACE to Bangladesh:

The process to send money to Bangladesh online or any other country all around the world. It is a simple, smooth and not burdensome procedure. The procedure can be described as follow:


The person registers at the ACE website to become a member of the ACE family. By registering, you own an account on ACE and can use its services as a customer. By registering on ACE, you can access your account at ACE any time through login. The login requires you to enter the email and password that you saved while registration. The login can be made through the Facebook account if the registration was made on this basis.

Money transfer:

To perform a money transfer the sender requires entering some details. These details are concerning the transaction that is about the sender receive and the amount. ACE provides the money transfer to Bangladesh or anywhere by an easy 3-step procedure:

  • Choose the country and the amount of money
  • Then choose the recipient in Nepal
  • Send money to Bangladesh

Receiving money:

The receiver can collect the money instantly after the bank deposit.  The recipient gets the money instantly from the pickup point. One can collect the money in cash from these pickup points. The pickup cashpoints are the banks’ braches that are allocated by ACE. The pickup points affiliated in Bangladesh are:

  1. Exim Bank Bangladesh 2. First Security Bank Bangladesh 3. Union Bank Bangladesh 4. The Farmers Bank Limited Bangladesh 5. Modhumati Bank Limited Bangladesh 6. Meghna Bank Limited Bangladesh 7. Southeast Bank Limited Bangladesh 8. One Bank Ltd Bangladesh 9. Arafah Islami Bank Limited Bangladesh 10. Mercantile Bank Limited Bangladesh 11. Jamuna Bank Limited Bangladesh 12. UCBL Bangladesh, NCC Bank

Money tracking and History record:

You can do the tracking of your money at any point after money transfer. Tracking requires the pin code that the company provides for money transfer. You can do tracking to the money collection time. ACE also records the money transactions of the customer in the history section. The customer can check the records to recall the money transfer details.


  • The fees to send money anywhere is as low as zero through ACE Money Transfer.
  • ACE offers the best exchange rates to send money online. These rates change daily and can check these on the site or app of ACE.
  • The ACE app is also available. It makes the services of ACE being provided on every screen on download.
  • ACE also uses Facebook messenger for making money transfer to any country.

Why choosing ACE for Bangladesh:

  • ACE services are available to send money to Bangladesh online 24/7.
  • The fee charges to send money to Bangladesh is the lowest.
  • And it offers the best exchange rates to send money online to Bangladesh.
  • There are many cash pickup points are available everywhere in Bangladesh. One can choose the pickup point for collecting money transfer.
  • ACE money transfer services are reliable and secure.
  • Various payment options are available to send money online via ACE.
  • It sends money quick and fast.


There are many online money transfer service providers to send money to Bangladesh. Among these, ACE Money Transfer is the best to send money online to Bangladesh. It has the lowest fee and best exchange rates offer. One can easily send money to Bangladesh online through ACE. It provides instant and reliable money transfer services to Bangladesh.