ACE Money Transfer Mobile App

Ace Money Transfer Mobile App

Ace Money Transfer is a huge brand in the world of Online Money Transfer. This brand came into being under Aftab Group of Companies, and it is a UK based company having their headquarters in Manchester.

Ace Money Transfer was established in 2002, and since then they have been operating successfully providing the best services for their clients. In the start, their services were just limited to the UK, but after their success story in that specific land they have moved on to other countries as well so that whole world could use their services with maximum benefits.

Aim of Ace

The aim of ACE Money Transfer is to become one of the leading money transfer services around the globe, and for sure that is only going to be possible when they provide those services that no other service has even provided for their customers. Besides ACE Money Transfer also has the vision to provide their services for underdeveloped countries which are usually neglected by other money transfer services. And the reason to provide service in such areas is to provide a platform for those who wish to help such lands through money.

Mission to get to Top

And no with this platform you can donate as much as you can for the welfare of such countries. ACE Money Transfer has been growing continuously since its establishment they have always been trying to get to the top, and no doubt this aim is almost completed. Because right now Ace has been ranked as one of the leading markets for money transfer which is now available in four different continents with 40 countries in total. Ace has always been trying to cover all the aspects for money transfer services. Due to that, they have developed an ACE Money Transfer Mobile Application which available for Android and iOS platforms.

Fulfilling Customer Expectations

Customers always have high expectations from any money transfer service they use, so in order to meet those expectations and needs of customers, this ACE Money Transfer Mobile App was developed. Ace Money Transfer is already aware that since the time has been changing there have been ever-increasing demands for money transfer as well, and no one has enough time to stop by at the agents or brokers to transfer cash. Because it is really time-consuming for anyone to get out of their office, and the drive all the way around just for one task. So here this ACE Money Transfer Mobile App will provide you ease from all of this trouble.

Easy to Use

This mobile is really easy to use with several features that you can ever expect from any money transfer app with all the security that you require for a safe money transfer to your loved in any of the four continents. First of all, it is really hard for someone to trust over anything that is new in the market, so for this purpose, you are all free to go through the reviews that are provided on app stores, and Facebook page. Further, the most common issue that has been faced by many app users is that it is hard for them to understand the features of the app due to a complex interface. Well, the case is a lot different in ACE Money Transfer Mobile App because they have provided you with a very simple yet attractive interface that you would just love to keep tapping over the screen just to find out all the features this app has to offer.

More Options for Transfer

Besides this app also let you send your cash in a lot more locations than any other money transfer will offer you, and the best thing about this is that it will also provide the service in those areas where you are troubled to find services for. Furthermore this mobile app also allows you to receive cash directly without even going to the broker. Besides with this mobile app you are also able to send cash directly to the bank account of your loved ones so that they need not go through any sort of trouble during cash receiving.

Best Rates for Transfer

Moreover, the rates provided over any of the ACE Money Transfer platforms are same, so it does not matter that you transfer cash through an app or through some agent. Which means that you will receive the beneficial exchange rate which is more than your expectations, and the transfer fee is as low as possible. And with such benefits, you have complete control over a little or huge cash transfer in your hand.

24/7 Customer Support

Moreover, it is not necessary that no problem will ever occur during transfer, and for that reason, there should be a customer support system which is limited to none for many cash transfer services. As a result, sometimes customers have to lose all of their money due to no proper guidance. But with ACE Money Transfer Mobile App you will be connected to them 24/7 through their customer support feature, and they are always ready to guide you with any minor or major issues. Even it does not matter that you have any confusion, just go ahead and ask them, because they have a user-friendly customer support system to clear out all of your confusions about cash transfer.

Different Modes of Transfer

In this mobile app, you will also get different cash transfer modes according to your ease and requirement, which is just the best thing, because who knows for which method you feel secure and safe. In the latest update of this mobile app, you also get another feature of Invite Friends, so that your friends should also utilize the maximum benefits of this mobile money transfer app. And some other modifications have also be done just to make sure that you do not find any trouble while using this app. And last but not least that now you will never have to miss out any of the important updates about transfer or receiving of cash because you will get all of them in your notification slide bar.