ACE Money Transfer; Online Money Transfer Partner

Do you want to send money to Gambia through some online money transfer service? If yes, then stick to this article because it would help you in sending money to your dear ones residing anywhere in the world.

What we presume is that you are most probably away from your home to earn a living for your family and up till now you might have got an idea that making is relatively easier than finding a legit service to send it someone. So you are worried about the transfer fee and remittance rates of money transfer agencies. You do not need to worry about online money transfer anymore because ACE is here to help you out. ACE Money Transfer Service is transferring money online for the last 17 years and has expanded itself to almost 100 countries. It employs multiple ways to send money to Gambia.


ACE Money Transfer; Unique and Profitable

The question arises that why should you use ACE to money transfer to Gambia. Well, ACE has earned its name in this regard. It offers unique and profitable services. Few of them are mention below:

  • It has minimum remittance rate
  • Its time of transfer is swift
  • It has the lowest transfer fee
  • It is available almost everywhere
  • It has professionals with experience of many years
  • Its procedure is easy to understand and implement
  • It offers multiple cash pick up points


How to use ACE Money Transfer?

The method that ACE implies is comprehendible and very easy. Even a layperson can understand and use it. It does not ask you to fill long questionnaires that can put your security in trouble; instead, it asks only genuine questions. To send money online, all you will need to do is to follow following easy steps;

  1. Register yourself on the ACE Money Transfer website or download money transfer app.
  2. Select a method of payment according to your ease.
  3. Enter the information of the recipient as required.
  4. Enter the amount of money that is to transfer.

You and the recipient will then receive a confirmation message that your money has been successfully transferring.

Multi-Currency Options

They employ the ways of their own choices whereas we tend to comfort you in every possible way and so let you choose what you want to. The multi-currency option is also one of the ways through which we try to help you. Now you can send the money using the currency of your own choice. Yes, you have guessed, right! We are offering multi-currency money exchange option.


When it comes to online money transfer, all you need to do is trust our service and free yourself from the rest of the worries. We would try to alleviate all your tensions and would provide you with the best online money transfer service. We can bet that you would love our service and would come again for the next transaction. So try ACE to transfer money to Gambia.