ACE Money Transfer Proudly Sponsored the Asian Lifestyle Expo 2020

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On February 15 2020, Asian Lifestyle Expo organized in Trafford Center, Manchester. It was an excellent occasion for businesses to spread their message to the audience. Among them, ACE Money Transfer is a proud sponsor of this mega expo.

The best part of that ACE Money Transfer engaged a large number of potential customers. We gave amazing gifts and discounted money transferring offers that highly appreciated by the audience.

It is a commonly known fact that ACE Money Transfer is amongst the most efficient and highly recommended service providers in the market. With extensive experience and many satisfied customers, we have made our mark on a global scale and take pride in the fact that we own a special place in the hearts of our customers.

Customer Satisfaction and Providing Best Money Transfer Services:

  • Security
  • Timely transfers and punctuality
  • Affordability
  • Convenience
  • And accessibility

All our efforts are dedicated to ensuring that international money transfer no longer seems to be a hassle or problem for people from all around the globe.

The Asian Lifestyle Expo provided us with an excellent opportunity to engage with customers. We shared our vision and passion with them. The other hand, we expressed their needs. Thus, the expo bridged gaps between the people we serve and us, so we reflect and improve our services even more.

The event also gave us a chance to debunk many common spread myths about the international money transfer. The potential customers were amazed to find out that they did not have to spend a significant fee on sending money back home. They also did not need to stand in lines or wait for months to complete the transaction. Through us, money transfer is as easy and straightforward as it can be.

We were more than happy to see the response of people on hearing our services and contributions in the domain of international money transfer.

In this event, we provide special offers and discounts for the people who attend the Asian Lifestyle Expo. They were thrilled to receive a discounted price to send money back home, and numerous people availed this chance to the fullest.

It was not only individuals and families that appreciated ACE Money Transfer, but many businesses and corporations also extended their appreciation. They stated that we are a great channel to send money.

All in all, it is needless to say that the Asian Lifestyle Expo was a huge success. We received an overwhelming response from the audience that surely motivate us to do even better and provide our customers with nothing but the best.

Join the world of creativity, innovation, & cultural diversity on February 15, 2020. Asian Lifestyle Expo 2020 brings the businesses, artists and up-to-date fashion/lifestyle trends.

The objective of this mega event is to give you an insight into the Asian community around the UK. Aside from seeing multiple fashion brands, makeup demos, henna workshops, a lot more is ready for you in this exciting expo.


ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer – A Proud Sponsor!

ACE Money Transfer is one of the proud sponsors of the Asian Lifestyle Expo. At this premium lifestyle event, ACE is giving exciting gifts and best offers to the attendants. Millions of people from under-developed countries move to developed countries like the UK to support their loved ones. One of their prime priorities is to send money through secure and fast money transfer methods.

Since 2002, ACE Money Transfer is helping its valuable customers. What distinguishes them from the rest are low fee and the highest exchange rates. With a convenient money transfer website and mobile app, it is easier for immigrants who send their money in different countries.

Spreading Message Through Asian Lifestyle Expo

Asian Lifestyle Expo is an ideal place for conveying our message to the audience. On this Expo, ACE Money Transfer will give exciting gifts and discount offers – after all, customer care is a prime priority of ACE. Send money through ACE to get something extra and valuable.

Get ready to join us at the Asian Lifestyle Expo, Intu Trafford Centre, Manchester!

Make yourself available and don’t miss this great event!