Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cash Transfers like with Ria Money Transfer

cash transfer

Online money transfer or any other money transfers like with Western Union and Ria money transfer have made the distances among the people shortened and by the help of these systems, you can easily help your friends and family even when you are living far away. By the help of this system, you can also conduct your business internationally and its well-known businesses require a lot of the money transfer this will mean you can easily carry out that procedure with the help of the international money transfer.
The good thing about the online money transfer is that you can easily make the transfers in a very small amount of time and the money transfers faster too. Cash transfer is the preferred way of some people and here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the cash transfer


The cash transfer means that you will send money in cash and the receiver will receive the cash at the other end and there is no need to involving your bank accounts for that. The greatest advantage if this system is that you can send out the money to anyone who doesn’t even have a bank account because the money is sent on the ID card number of that person and with the help of that and the reference number no one will be able to get hands on that cash. You can send money in an emergency with a little more of the transfer fees. A lot of different companies like ACE Money Transfer and Western Union offers you with this.


The only disadvantage is that it is a little lengthy process and this requires you to fill out the form. Another disadvantage with this type of Money Transfer System is that you can’t make a large amount of the cash transfers and can only male money transfers that are small in the amount and you can’t exceed that limit in the money transfer.