Always Choose a Reputed Money Transfer Service while sending money to Pakistan

Online Money Transfer has been one of the most widely accepted technology, around the globe. A significant proportion of people transfer their funds from one state to another by using online mediums. Countries of South Asia including Pakistan and Nepal are one of the top remittance receivers, and their migrants transfer a notable amount of remittances to these countries, every month. However, even with the most secure systems and unbreakable firewalls, people are seen to get scammed often. Let us take a look at how does this happen.

·       Online Money Transfer Sites

Some people do not look briefly into the online money transfer sites, before placing orders. Most of the time, when you are making an international payment, customers are required to pay in advance through their Debit and Credit cards. Once the transfer is made, the ordered things never reach the buyer’s home. The customer is blocked to contact the site and no customer care reaches for help.

Let us look at an example for better understanding.

Asad is a Pakistani Migrant who works in UK for financially supporting his family. His sister’s birthday was around the corner and he was really sad that he couldn’t attend it, or do any contribution. He saw an ad of a gifting site, who provided bouquets, chocolates and beautiful baskets in all over Pakistan. He immediately opened the site, and without checking the authenticity, placed his order. For checking out, he used his card to send money. But after placing the order, no gift ever reached his sister and all of his money was wasted.

·       Solution

This is a very common problem, that is faced by almost every other person. But prevention from this problem is not an issue. Firstly, always check the authenticity of a website before entering any card or payment details. Check if the site has social media presence, browse their pages and see their customer history. If people are using the site for repetitive orders, then the products or services will surely be worthy.

Secondly, always go through the customer reviews. It will help you in getting the idea about what other people have to say about the site. Lastly, check if the company has the license and permission to operate in a specific area or not. This process will take a maximum 10-15 minutes, but it will help you in ensuring a safe transaction.

Send Money to Pakistan Online

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