Apple Pay App and Apple Credit Card

Apple Pay app and the Apple credit cards are the two things that have made saving money and handling all of the money matters very easy. With the help of the Apple pay app, you can also make the money transfers which were otherwise possible just with the help of the banks and the online money transfer companies like the ACE Money Transfer. But with Apple pay you can make the quick transfers and it is considered equivalent to the debit card transfers. Debit card and credit card transfers are those that you make using these cards and one of their kind is the Apple pay money transfers too and in this type of transfer the money is paid from your Apple wallet and you can make the transfer using your Apple credit card.

Apple pay app

Apple pay app is connected directly with the Apple credit card and you can make the payments through this application. You can do online shopping using this and also can pay the bills and other such things that can be done online will be done using this Apple pay account. Apple pay account is linked directly you to your Apple credit card.

Apple credit card

Apple credit card is just like any other credit card, in fact, it is the better version of the other credit cards. With other credit cards, you can make payments and can have the record of those payments but with this credit card you can make payments while whole detailed track record and that includes the location of the place where the money was spent or something was paid using this credit card. The bill of the credit cards is made and then deducted from your Apple wallet just like it happens with other credit cards.