Are International Payments Easier to Receive in Nigeria?

Nigeria is one of the most prominent remittance receivers. Their export earnings and national income is highly dependent on international payments. Whenever a person has to send money to Nigeria, the process seems relatively easy and facilitating.

When it comes to receiving, many citizens are still facing problems regarding this issue. While there are several reasons behind the high rate of online money transfer to Nigeria, here are some ways in which you can receive your remittances easily in this state.

1.     Can You Receive Money By Visiting the Specific Bank/IMTO’s Branch

If you are using a wire transfer to send money globally, then the only way of receiving it will be visiting the bank or IMTO’s branch by yourself. But in case of online transfers, you have multiple options. So, if you have the branch of any commercial bank nearby or if your IMT provider’s payout location is at some steps, then it may be relatively easy for you to collect the payments physically.

However, some companies may charge payment withdrawal fee for the beneficiary, remember to hire a provider which do not ask for any withdrawal payments. Many efficient International Money Transfer Platforms such as ACE Money Transfer facilitate their customers by cutting the transfer costs to the minimum. So if you want to send money online, consider a reputed money transfer company.

2.     Can You Receiver International Payment Through Mobile Wallet?

As mentioned earlier, technology has opened mysterious ways of ease for every individual. If you are living in a rural area, or your work routine is hectic, or if the branch of a commercial bank/IMTO is far from your location, then you can quickly receive money in your mobile wallet. You will be notified by SMS, email or call when the payment is added into your account. The same notification is also sent to the sender.

After that, you can use your mobile wallet to directly pay bills, do online shopping and many other things. So when you send money to Nigeria online, don’t worry about receiving the payments anymore! Also, keep in mind that there may be some areas in which this facility is not yet available.

3.     Is There Door to Door Cash Delivery Method?

Many migrants use this service to send money directly to their families and loved ones, with their maximum ease. If the receiver doesn’t have a bank account and not even a mobile wallet, then you can ask your provider to deliver the money to the beneficiary’s doorstep. This facility is highly useful for people living in rural or underdeveloped areas. Until the payment is received securely with the signature or verification from the receiver, it will be a responsibility of the IMTO to deliver it safely.

Money Transfer Services have made endless efforts to facilitate the systems for every individual. Gone are the days when people used to think twice before making any money transfer to Nigeria and other developing countries. Now, with the availability of a multitude of options, folks can easily send or receive payments, without going an extra mile!