Are You Confuse to Choose a Truly Safe Company For Online Money Transfer?

Online money transfer is a game-changer, and there is no doubt about that. It is making life easier for a lot of people. People who use this more often are in full praise of this service. It helps a lot of Nigerians to send money to Nigeria to their families who are living away in other countries. These bread earners live away from their loved ones and earn money.

And then to transfer this hard-earned money to their homes, they opt for online money transfer services. The opportunity and option that enables one to transfer money with convenience through a simple process that is only a click away. This is no doubt extremely reliable and suitable.

Why it is So Important To Have a Trustworthy Source For Online Money Transfer to Nigeria?

Are you a person with full packed routine and schedule? In this case, this service is really accurate and efficient.

These pros and advantages are helping the online money transfer service system gain popularity globally, and this popularity is increasing day by day.

But cunning people who are always looking for an opportunity to deceive people and take advantage of them also use this service to trap innocent people and get money or financial benefit from them.

A bit of precaution and looking out can protect you from such scams. I will share how I got scammed and learned a lesson for life:

Did You Ever Been Scammed While Doing Online Money Transfer To Nigeria?

I once received a call from an unknown number. The man who called me claimed to be speaking from some kind online company, and they got my information through some sources.

They asked me if I had ever transferred money through online money transfer service. I often send money to Nigeria online. So I replied yes.

The man told me that now I was registered in a lucky draw that will happen next week and I will be informed about the results soon. I took it as a prank call and soon forgot about it.

Next week I received a call from the same man, and he told me that I won the lucky draw and I have won a costly and latest model of a top-selling mobile company.

I have to pay some thousand bucks to claim the prize, and I have to pay this money through an online money transfer service. I will get the money back with the mobile. I have to transfer that money just to claim that price and to prove that I am authentic.

What to Do If You are One Of The Victims of Online Money Transfer Scam?

This never happened to me before. I thought that it would be a genuine platform and offer. So I transferred money to the given id.

After the money was transferred, I got the call from the same man within 24 hours, and he told me that he has received the money and will get back to me with the details of the price.

How I will receive it in a few days. I waited for days but never got any call back from them. When I tried to call that man, I got to know that the number has blocked me and I have been scammed.

Obviously, I faced a financial loss, but I learnt a lesson for life. So now I am more careful, and I look out for such deceiving people. It is always great to choose a reputed company before you make an online money transfer to Nigeria.