Are You Planning to Send Your Hard Earned Money with Someone in Your Homeland Gambia?

Gambia is a Western African country. It has Senegal in its neighbourhood. One can easily send money to Gambia after choosing one of the reliable money transfer methods available online.

Geography of the Gambia:

The Republic of the Gambia is a small country situated near the Atlantic Ocean and Senegal. It has a river named The River Gambia. The River Gambia is one of the most significant rivers in Africa. After the Portuguese, when Britain took charge, they named the place in association with the river. The Gambia is ranked 51st in the African continent, for the highest gross domestic product, i.e. GDP. Also, several tourists’ guides are available to locate different places to visit.

What is The Need to Send Money?

The need to share money is not only the need for developed countries but also the requirements of developing countries. According to surveys, the most money sent is by the developed countries, and the receiving countries are mostly the developing countries. China stands among both of the categories. Both USA and Saudi Arabia are leading this trend. India is to top in recipients’ list.

The need to share the money is not a difficult thing to understand. As the migrants need to contact their relatives and friends back at the country of origin, the students in abroad need to contact their families. Also, people need hassle-free ways while sitting at home. Employees working internationally make online money transfer operators popular day by day.

What are the Ways to Send Money to the Gambia?

There are a lot of ways to send money to Gambia online.

  • Bank transfers

Bank transfer is a method to carry out the money transfer to Gambia. It is a secure process of money sharing for decades. The money transfer via bank provides a lot of other options too. The people can enjoy a list of services including shared accounts of the business, online payments, bill payments and much more. The fee charged by the banks is often a bit higher for the customers who are sensitive to price. Reducing expenses is the ultimate key to survival. Well, due to many money transfer companies, banks are being burdened for lowering the prices. After all, several other organizations are providing ways of lowering prices.

  • Money Order

The money order service was popular in the 1900s. Almost everyone was seen using this service. The money order, when received, is cashed at the nearby centre after proper identification. For identification purposes, a receipt used to be issued to the sender. Many receivers also carry identity proof for receiving the amount. Lately, it is not a service being used as much as it was used in the past. With the passage of time, the trend is getting lower.

  • Check payments

Check payments are a widely used method as they provide security and can be cashed internationally. If the check is to pay locally, it will take 3–5 working days to process the payment. If the cheque has to be cashed internationally, it takes many days to complete the process. The receiving bank intimates the sending bank for the confirmation. Once the verification is done, the account is subjected to withdraw the amount. But due to legal requirements, every step takes many days and hence months to complete the whole process.

Check payments, in case of urgency, are not desired. They cause a headache and trouble for the receiver. Sometimes, it takes the process too slow that the customers disappoint and assume not to use this way of transfer.

Reputed Companies to Send Money Online

  • Western Union

Western Union is an organization working globally to send money online. It owes more than fifty percent share of the money transfer market. Western Union makes use by going to the centre, providing an identification tool, and receiving a pin code in response to money. The code is then shared with the receiver. The receiver, after proving the identity gets the money.

The Western Union users enjoy other services as well.

  • ACE Money Transfer:

Ace Money Transfer works by its network spread over 90 countries. For money transfer to Gambia, the most successful pathway can be ACE Money Transfer. This service works by using the account creation at the website. The country is chosen, and the receiver details are provided. The payment information is added whether debit or credit card is entered or bank details are entered. This service work in seconds. With ACE Money Transfer, you have the option of cash pickup that is considered better in Gambia.

  • Xoom

Xoom is the PayPal associated service to send money worldwide. Xoom works for online transactions just by merely creating the account, entering the details, country and payment options. Debit or credit cards are supported in Xoom operation. Xoom is in its growing stage and will be among the leading in just a few years according to the trend in its usage.

  • TransferWise

The digital era has digital services. Transferwise is one of its examples. Transferwise works by the sharing of money digitally. One can easily send money through it. A considerable amount of customers believe in Transferwise as the route is faster and provides protection. The digital transfer of money decreases the options of transferring the money by paying visits to the banks or the centres.

  • MoneyGram

MoneyGram is trusted globally. It comes in the top leading market sharers of money transfer operators. MoneyGram works by its various branches available worldwide. Just after Western Union, it has a sufficient number of customers.

There are various other services like Remitly and World Remit, for online money transfer to Gambia from anywhere in the world. Many expats from Gambia prefer choosing ACE Money Transfer for transfer purposes. Some people look for the promotional offers available on the website. Others look up for the low price and secured routes. The key objective is to have your money not stolen, and the process is quick enough to send money in minutes.