What is Fiscal and Monetary policy?

Fiscal vs Monetary Policy

Modern economic systems are highly based upon a number of policies that contribute to the dynamics of economic activity. Fiscal and monetary policies are the crucial ones. Both are controlled by the government and central banks that have the controls like money supplies, inflation rates and the tax rates as well. […]

What is Meant By Capitalist Economy?

Capitalist Economy

Capital is a term used for the financial assets possessed by a person. Capital is one of the most important areas of study in economics. Capital is distinguished from money in a way that capital is used for making wealth and money is used for purchasing goods and services. So, capital […]

Why Money Transactions are Interrupted?


It is so much for money transactions to get interrupted. In such cases, problems arise like delaying of money transfer, system’s breakdown, technical problems, etc. In the world of so much money transfer convenience, inconvenience also exists because everything has become digital and one can experience such interruptions when sending or […]

Evolutionary Economics – How Economies Evolve?

Evolutionary Economics

The Evolutionary Economics systems revolves around the transformation of ways of production and systems. The history of how the economy evolved goes back to the time when people started using different types of equipment that helped them to increase the output which is named as technological advancement. With the uprising of […]

Benefits of using online money transfer

Most of the people living in foreign countries use several money transfer institutions including banks and other companies. The process has become so much common in the modern era. It has become a need of time. Without such services, the transferring of money becomes almost impossible. The foremost option in the […]

Introduction to Mixed Economic System

Mixed Economic System

A system that has combined aspects of both socialism and capitalism is called Mixed Economy system. This type of system aims to protect private properties and it also allows the level of economic freedom in the use of capital. Similarly, it also allows government interference in all the activities related to […]