Awesome way to send money to the Philippines

send money to the Philippines

The Philippines ranked third place globally as the top remittance recipient with $33 Billion. Do you as a migrant or expat want to send money to the Philippines? If yes. You can do it very easily with ACE Money Transfer. This is the company that holds the trust of many customers in remittance. You can trust too. You can also send money to the Philippines online through many other online money transfer services.

The Philippines remittance facts

According to the World Bank, Remittance to the Philippines grew 5.3 percent in 2017 to $32.6 billion. In 2018, Remittances to the Philippines rose to $34 billion.

Remittances to the East Asia and Pacific region grew almost 7 percent to $143 billion in 2018. It is faster than the 5 percent growth in 2017, according to the World Bank. The Philippines has the top remittance rank in East Asia and the Pacific region.

Why migrants sending money to the Philippines

Migrants or expat sending money to the Philippines because of some common reasons. They are sending for household expenses, education, health care, asset care, social contribution, and saving and investment.

Different methods to send money to the Philippines

Online money transfer services: There are many online money transfer services that can help you to send money to the Philippines. Like WorldRemit, Western Union, TransferWise, Transfast, and XOOM – A PayPal service, Ria Money Transfer, Money Gram and Remotely.

Some online money transfer services provide Mobile wallet and door to door delivery.

Bank transfer: People don’t love to use it. Because it may charge a high fee. It gives you a low exchange rate than the mid-market rate. But this a secure way to send money to the Philippines.

Cheques and money order: This a slower technique to send money to the Philippines. You can send an international check overseas, obtained from your bank or Postal Service.

ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is a UK based company operated since 2002. They have completed its many years of experience and excellence in remittance.

Why ACE Money Transfer is best to use

You can send money online at any time at the lowest fee. Transactions with them are simple and quick. You can them in a hassle-free manner. They provide you with the best exchange rates.

Further, they give security to your money and privacy and deployed the best program to secure the account details.

ACE Money Transfer gives awesome customer support to its users. They try to resolve every problem of their customer related to the remittance. People love to use it because of their customer support and full guidance.

You can do bank transfer and cash pick up easily with ACE Money Transfer. Because they have over 140 banks and 100,000 payout locations for customer ease.

You can send money as fast as possible with ACE Money Transfer. They will not charge you much fee. It gives you the highest exchange rate.

How to send money to the Philippines through ACE Money Transfer

You can send money to the Philippines with some simple steps and in a few clicks. Just go to the ACE Money Transfer website to make the transaction. Firstly you have to select the country and the amount you want to send. After that, give some details about the recipient. You are done for sending money to the Philippines after that.

Besides you can download the ACE Money Transfer app form the google play store and the app store. You can make the transaction here in a few clicks. Just go to the transaction option to create it. Their app is easy to use to make the transaction.

You can track your transaction through the ACE Money Transfer website. You can track any transaction make anywhere worldwide through ACE.

Sending money to the Philippines

You can send money to the Philippines in a very comfortable way. The delivery options that ACE Money Transfer provides are Cash pick up and Bank transfer.

Cash Pickup in the Philippines

Cash pick up facility is instant for the Philippines. You can send your money easily. When you make transaction cash is ready to pick up from the nearest branches of the following banks.

  • Palwanshop PS- METRO, Philippines
  • LBC Express, Philippines
  • Robinsons DS-Metro, Philippines
  • Banco De Oro, Philippines
  • Cebuana Lhuillier, Philippines
  • GLOBE G CASH, Philippines
  • Metro Bank, Philippines
  • M LHUILLIER, Philippines

Bank Deposit to the Philippines

ACE Money Transfer provides you with the facility to send your money with the highest exchange rates. This is probably the most secure and cheap way to send money to the Philippines. This is a great choice by the migrants to send money to their home back.

Your money will be deposited into the receiver’s account very soon. ACE Money Transfer makes it easy to send money to loved ones.

More Best of ACE Money Transfer

You can check the daily exchange rates on the ACE Money Transfer website to send money to the Philippines.

It gives you a matchless remittance experience. With the providence of highest exchange rates with admirable service. These features attract the customers to do the remittance with ACE Money Transfer.

This service is fully safe and secure. Their services are convenient and easy to use on any device. These devices include PC, laptop, tablet, Mobile phone. On the mobile phone, if you use the app. It will facilitate both android and iPhone users.


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ACE Money Transfer is a fabulous money transfer service and that is taking more attention of the people because of its characteristics. They are entertaining its more than 2 million customers around the world very confidently.