Benefits of Apple Pay

Apple Pay

No doubt that you must be wondering that what exactly is Apple Pay? Well, it is a new service that has been launched by Apple Company, and with this service instead of getting the debit or credit card service from the banks, you can get it from the App Credit card with several benefits. Usually, people
want to perform all kind of money transfers using different money transfer companies like Ace Money Transfer, but it is all about feasibility and level of comfort that which service attracts you more. So if you are an owner of an iPhone then no doubt apple pay is the best service you will be using.

Track with GPS

First of all this service allows you to have a credit card, and with this credit, you can track all of your spendings along with the GPS of the exact location, and complete address. While other services would just let you know about the codes of the shops or just the shop name in the printed form. But this credit card is on a totally different level. Besides this card keeps all the history of the purchases you have made from it for your own convenience.

Keep Record

Suppose if you want to return something to a store but they require a proof that the particular product was purchased from their store then you just need to tap the name of the store on the Apple pay in your iPhone, and all your last purchases made from this store will be in front of you. And no doubt this proof is enough if you have lost the receipt. Where all other services take money from your account on the name of taxes, there apple credit card adds the money back to your account when you will spend from it. And for sure there is no other service better than this.