Benefits of using ACE Money Transfer for sending money to Philippines

Millions of Filippino ex-pats live in the UK. You can send money to the Philippines from UK easily & in a secure way. ACE Money Transfer is a growing company in the UK, Europe, Canada & Australia.

Philippine has the currency of “₱”, also known as PHP. I’d like to thanks our latest technology that we can transfer money from one country to another country in a matter of minutes,

There are many benefits to selecting & using ACE Money Transfer, but here are some of the best reasons to choose ACE:

  1. Fee-Free Transaction: This means that if you send money to Philippines for the first time, you don’t have to pay the transaction fee.
  2. Exchange Rates: While transferring money to your country, you should analyse the change rates. ACE provides live interbank exchanges rates.
  3. Security & Ease: ACE is an easy & secure way to send money online.
  4. Payment options: You will have different options to send payment to the Philippines.
  5. Mobile Airtime Top-Up: User can transfer the mobile balance of Philippines individuals.

ACE Money Transfer could be wisest option for sending remittances to Philippines online.