Best Money Transfer Online Methods

Best Money Transfer Online Methods

When you are deciding to transfer money to someplace you have to make sure that you go for the best money transfer method online. When it comes to online money transfer the decision on which method you want to go for should definitely be yours because the money is yours and you should feel safe with whichever method you go for, there are different online money transfer methods.

Compare Methods

And each type sells their money transfer method the best but the decision should only be made by comparing all these methods and that can be done by knowing all these money transfer methods that are available. So following are some of the online money transfer methods that you should know about in order to make a comparison.


PayPal basically is on rog the best ways to make the payments and anything you buy online or any type of bill that you have to pay you can use your PayPal account or even just the PayPal debit card. Basically, with the PayPal, you can have an account there and when you are making the transfers from that account to anywhere within your country you won’t have to experience any extra service charges.

credit card to money transfer

How to Pay?

But when you are using just your PayPal cars while you pay from your regular bank account then you will have to pay some of the service charges which are not even much as compared to the other online money transfer services that you go for. Use of PayPal for the money transfer and even for the payment purposes is so great because of the purchase protection you can save yourself from going through a fraud. Some other online money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer also provide such services.

Google Wallet

Google wallet is another best way to pay your bills and make payments. You can also transfer money using your google wallet. With the google wallet, you are unable to make the overseas money transfers but the service is so fast you should definitely consider using this if you have to make the payments within the country.

Best Online Service

Google wallet is available all over the world and is one of the fastest money transferring service. You can make at least up to $9,999 amount of transfer within a single day. The limit is enough for the type of transfers that you can make in one day. You can make the payments from google wallet to a bank account or through your debit card to the wallet. With Google Wallet, you can’t get the purchase protection but at least you won’t be viable to any unauthorized payments.


Venmo is another way to send money and you can have the Venmo account along with the card but you can also use your credit card to money transfer if have any venom account. Venmo basically is the online money transfer service by PayPal itself and with that, you can imagine how good it would be. You can easily download the Venmo app and it is like a social media of the money transfer because with the help of venom you can check the transactions that your friends have made. You will need the verification to make the money transfers to a greater limit.

Western union

Western Union and some other money transfer companies like the ACE Money Transfer allow you to send money to most of the countries. With a western union, you can send money to a greater limit of $10,000 but you can also request for the bigger limit for the transfer and that makes the western union perfect money transferring service for the businesses all over the world. It operates in a lot of the countries that make it even more suitable.

Save Money

But there is one thing that holds people back from using the western union and that is the service charge which is up to $5 and even more when you send money through a wire because wire transfers your money faster. But if you are in no hurry you can also send it through the draft which takes longer but then has no fees. So depending on your financial situation you can choose how to send money through western union.


One thing great about the western union is that it is you ca completely rely on it and it provides you with the protection against the money frauds. There are other companies like the western union that provides such services like the ACE Money Transfer but they don’t have such wide reach and that is not great having an international business because then you are unable to make money transfers to some companies.


OFX is the easiest way to send money because it is really cheap to send money through OFX. When you send money through the OFX the minimum limit to it is the $150 and you can send money without any transfer limit when you have to send money in the form of some major currencies. This online money transfer company allow you to make the transfer to almost 190 countries and you can send money in 55 different currencies.

Track Payments

You can easily track your payments when you sent money through OFX s this way you can know when the payment will reach the recipient. OFX provides you with updates about the transactions through the email and it also protects you from the fraud.

Choose Ace

These are some of the most widely used money transfer services and to be able to choose the one you should know which one you can trust better and which one fits your need exactly. There are other better online money transfer services as well which allow you to make the easy transfers and ACE Money Transfer is some of them and you should go through details about all of them to know which service you should be used for transferring money. Knowing about all these services will help you compare better and will lead to a better and comfortable choice