Best Money Transferring Companies

Are you working abroad away from your family? Do you need a safe and secure way to send money home? You might answer these questions with a ‘Yes’ if you are among the million migrant workers. Today, in this modernized economy, money transferring companies are huge in number but finding the best is important; keeping interest rates, transfer charges, and security in view.

Let’s make this job less hectic by comparing the money transferring companies and find out what is best for you.

  • PayPalis a digital service that supports wireless overseas transfers. It is possible to transfer up to 20 currencies with a minimum rate of $0.02 which varies according to the location and is available in 203 countries. While PayPal offers digital banking service and its rates are competitive compared with most banks and financial institutions which makes it a good choice.
  • For more than 160 years, Western Unionis one of the most recognizable names in the field of money transferring business. You will find it in around 200 countries. You can send money within minutes without any delay or inconvenience. Through the western union, money pickups are easily accessible but the Western Union may be more expensive than other countries.
  • MoneyGramis a big competitor for money transfer known for money transferring service in 200 countries. Money gram offers you: an extensive global network of 350,000 agent locations, a large pool of services available for sending, receiving or financing, Secure and reliable, Fast transfers, with same-day service in many locations.

Your choice may be dependent upon your priorities that either you transfer money availing a service which is less expensive or more secure among different options.