Best way to transfer money to a bank account in Nepal from abroad?

If you want to send money to Nepal, you need to know all of the best ways to do so. Though most people keep wandering around, they don’t find any solid way to transfer their money safely. But when you want to send remittances, you need to be sure that your money is reaching its destination with full safety and confidence.

So following are a few ways for money transfer to Nepal, and you may use any one of them with complete trust as these methods are all tried and tested ways to send money to any part of the world.


ACH Transfer:

ACH Transfer or the Automated Clearing House transfer is the ideal option to send money for a business that is based in the US. All you have to do is send money from the bank account through the ACH transfer, and the recipient will have this money in 4 working days.

Moreover, you won’t have to pay any additional fees or trips to banks. Hence this method will save you money and time.


ACE Money Transfer:

Though most people don’t trust online money-sending services, what if you are told that this one is transparent? Through ACE Money transfer, you will have the best services of sending money to parts of the world.

To send money to Nepal online, you will have to use the online application and send money simply to your recipient. You will be updated about the money sending and arrival at its destination.



It is considered the largest online payment processor. Only due to PayPal, you may easily transfer your money from one account to other without even directly using the credit card or your bank account.

The sender won’t also have to pay any fee for the transaction, although the recipient should sometimes cover only a small fee. One other great advantage is that PayPal is totally mobile-friendly that makes sending money a lot easier.

Xoom is a PayPal service that is a great way of sending remittances to Nepal. This is because it is fast, and the recipient shouldn’t also have a bank account or internet connection to receive your money.

Xoom is one of the best money sending services and is affordable as well. It is an online to offline money sending service that means the money can be withdrawn from a specific location in Nepal.



It is a big market player in international money and remittance sending. It assists hundreds of thousands of people in the world with online money transfers to Nepal and other parts of the world each day. It is a fast and effective mode of sending money.

It is an affordable service, and it gives the ideal money transfer to Nepal in all terms of speed.


Western Union:

It is one of the most popular money-sending brands mainly because it is easy and dependable. The main advantage that Western Union gives is that money transfers are easy to make and understand.

It has branches in all countries and also offers a local withdrawal option. As a result, it is considered one of the most popular ways to send money. The service is quickly having popularity among business transactions too.

But it would help if you kept in mind that transfers might take different amounts of time. This may be up to a week in few cases as well.

These were some of the top ways to send money to Nepal. You can enjoy a healthy amount of options and advantages through these services.