Best Ways of Money Transfer to Nepal

Money Transfer to Nepal

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Sending Money to Nepal

Money transfer is considered a difficult task especially to countries like Nepal where the currency is exotic and the exchange rate is high with a fewer trade volume. Though not so difficult with the help of ACE Money Transfer where you can send money online while saving as much as possible from taxes and exchange rates.

People with minimum knowledge concerning sending money online often prefer banks for this purpose. Though banks also serve in this matter along with their other many services but their charge greater since the recipient country here is Nepal with exotic currency.

Comparing to banks in the sending of money online, the service providers have proved more preferable with their easy ways and fewer charges. The main reason for the preference of service providers over banks is that the international banks do not provide the option of changing dollars or other currency to Nepalese rupees. The money is simply sent in dollars to the Nepalese bank where it is converted with high rates.

Different Ways of Sending Money to Nepal

1. through Banks

While banks are not the very preferable source of sending money online having all the problems mentioned above, still it is a source. For people having less knowledge of the service providers and are not accustomed to the internet to search through, this source is the only option and it works with less chance of risk.

The work is simple here, the money to be transfer from a country say America is sent from an American bank without being converted into Nepalese rupee, and then the money in American currency is received in the Nepalese bank and is translated to Nepalese currency after the deduction of taxes and other charges. The money is then withdrawn from the account on which the money is transferred.

2. Online Money Transfer Service Providers

Apart from banks, some companies provide the service of transferring money to other countries. Through this means, though the money is not sent from the bank in the foreign country it is received by the bank of the recipient country.

By this method, funds are being sent in majority cases. Companies like RIA and WorldRemit make the sending of money online in this way possible.

3. Money Transfer Service Providers by Cash Pickups

Compared to the above option, this method is a bit different in a manner that the sending of money online does not take place in a bank. But it is partially different as well when it comes to money collection from banks.

Different service providers save people from all the formality and legality from the bank ways and allow the people to simply pick the cash up from the agents at some locations already specified. Famous names for such service providers are Western Union and MoneyGram.

4. via E-Cheques

E-Cheques are another source of secure sending money online along with other means but it is time-consuming and not a preferable choice considering other options.

Emergency Transfer of Money Online.

Sending money to Nepal is often a routine work for people having their relatives or loved ones in that country. The process is carried out within the known duration of time. But sometimes there arises an emergency and sending money to Nepal becomes an urgent task.

For such cases, the people are not out of luck, fortunately. The service providers like MoneyGram and Western Union are there to help. But for such urgency, there is a price, as the process becomes costly. The fees are higher in emergency cases as compares to the regular ones. Also, the exchange rates fall.

The receiver through this way could not get as much money as he requires given the fact that the money is sent in such short notice. So for sending money to Nepal or even other countries, a notice of two or three days is desirable.