Best Ways to Send Money to Pakistan from UK

Ways to Send Money from Pakistan

Around 1.8 million Pakistani citizens who are living in the UK are connected with their homeland. Sometimes they have to send money to Pakistan from UK. Many companies are doing that for them and ACE Money Transfer is also included in those marvelous companies. There are so many countable factors that should be looked before sending money to Pakistan and some of the best ways are given below:

MoneyGram service

To send money from UK money gram is one of the best service. MoneyGram has almost 350,000 locations all around the world and they have a strong network of branches that are offering their prestigious services to human beings. They are efficient in time and they are quicker in sending. Their deduction amount is also less compared to many other money transfer companies. Their integrity is based on their awesome services. They can be found easily and their services can be acquired easily as well.

Why choose MoneyGram?

There are a lot of reasons for choosing the MoneyGram because MoneyGram has so many services. The charges are less and options are variable. One can send money to the cash pickup location for the recipient. Or else the money can also be sent to the mobile account with the help of the money gram. Moreover, it is also feasible for a person to send money directly to the bank account of the receiver. That is how it all works with the money gram and make it the first choice of the people. There are also many other aspects which can find out when it comes about the MoneyGram.

Xoom Money transfer service

To send money to Pakistan another great service is the Xoom service. This service is righteous and provides the doorstep for sending money all across the globe. This is a subsidy by PayPal and therefore using this company will be an edge for the customers. They have offices in more than 150 countries and they are dealing with more than 100 currencies in the world. This is the thing that makes them different when compared with others.

How to make the transfer happen?

For sending the money with Xoom a user has to move to the nearest branch of the company. Xoom there the user can find out the representative of the company. Fill out the information data into the given form and give it to the representative. He will ask or the confirmation and transfer will have happened right away.

This service can also be used with the help of the application which can be used by using the debit card or credit card. With Xoom, service money can be sent to the bank account of the receiver directly or else it can also be picked by the collection center of the Xoom service. That is how things work with Xoom service.


There are also some drawbacks to using this service. One of the most known things is that the company take too much time for sending money for the faraway locations. Moreover, the charges which they do charge are a bit higher compared to other market-based companies pricing. That is how the thing makes the difference when you are looking for the best ways to send money to Pakistan from UK. But sending money is secure and safe with Xoom service.

Western Union

This is a marvelous service that can be used to send money to foreign countries. It is included in the best ways to send money to Pakistan from the UK because it offers wider opportunities. A user can use this service because they are reliable and secure compared too many other services of the world. They have more than 5 lac locations worldwide and they are dealing in more than 190 currencies of the world so that is what which make them the best in others.

How Western Union is feasible?

This service is really feasible and secure because it can be used in multiple ways. A user can use it for sending money directly into the account of the receiver. A user can use it for sending the money at a cash pick up location or else the money can also be sent to the mobile account of the user. Moreover, there are so many great things that make them best. For instance, a user can use the service of the western union with their online website portal as well. But for that purpose transaction through debit card or credit card is required. A user can also the application of the company to send the money here in the UK with western union.

Ace money transfer

One of the best service if you are looking for the best ways to send money to Pakistan. They have cash pick up and bank deposit service in almost 60 countries. One of the most enchanting things about their service is that they are efficient and they are secure. This thing is making them the best among others and their span of working is also greater. They are also associated with many banks. So a user can send money to the cash pickup location or else a user can also find cash into his bank account.

How does it work?

For sending money by ACE Money Transfer you must move to any of the exchange company. Get the currency exchanged into the required format. After getting currency in pounds if you want to send to the UK you can come to the center of ACE. Tell the representative about your destination and details of the person who has to receive the money and after making the confirmation the process will take place.

So a user is free to use ACE Money Transfer or any other service which is perfect for him or her. Because there is a number of options but it only depends on the feasibility of the person that which service is useful and righteous for the person in a situation. But making a proper search is what that is countable before sending money abroad in any country.