Best Ways to Stay Connected with Family from Abroad

Travelling overseas is one giant step, enriched with a series of adventures and surprises. Undoubtedly, it is never convenient for most people to leave their environment and adapt to another. Yet, some people manage to overcome all the associated constraints. The modern era of technology has brought a revival in communication methods. People can now use various social mobile/desktop applications to remain connected with their loved ones.


Staying connected with friends and families has never been much more accessible. Some expats also send money to Pakistan to participate in the joyful moments of their dearest ones. Suppose you have recently moved to any foreign country or are already living in any foreign state/country. This article contains all the essential aspects of staying connected with family from abroad. 


Best Communication Platforms for Your Loved Ones

The technology is breaching the sky limit, rendering impressive innovations providing ease in daily life activities. For example, there are numerous communication platforms available in the modern world. For better understanding, the categories are mainly divided into two general categories, i.e., online digital platforms and mobile or desktop applications. However, for all of them, the availability of an internet connection is a compulsory requirement. 


As per reports of Statista Research Department on Feb 23, 2022, the highest number of users are on ‘Facebook’. WhatsApp and Instagram are ranked after Facebook as the second and third most frequently used social applications. Let’s glance at top-rated social communication platforms to remain connected with your loved ones. 



Facebook, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, has the highest number of active users, estimated at around 2.89 billion monthly. The following social communication platform offers a series of ways to remain connected with your loved ones from overseas. What’s cherry on the top is free signup and access to an unlimited world of socialisation. As per the reports from the third quarter of 2021, Facebook had around 3.58 billion monthly product users worldwide. 


Facebook Messenger

In addition to the Facebook application itself, Facebook offers Facebook messenger integration. Facebook messenger allows you to utilise live video callings and chatting services free of cost. It is understood that life has become a lot busier than it was previously. You need a legit platform to remain connected with people living back in town. It doesn’t matter if you live in the US, UK, Europe, or any foreign country. All you need is to download the application into your smartphone, tablet, or pc. Signup on Facebook and unleash the world of infinite socialisation at any hour, any minute, with people anywhere. 



WhatsApp has been a great revival in the history of chatting platforms. Despite enormous social chatting platforms, WhatsApp stands as the one to offer free of cost exclusive chatting services. The mobile application was initially introduced with a limited range of features, replacing the surge use of mobile text messages. It allows users to facetime, live calling, and instant text messaging for free of cost. WhatsApp is estimated at an expected 2 billion worldwide users. Furthermore, around 100 billion messages are sent using the renowned mobile messenger application. 


Suppose you are an expat and find it hard to get the right time to connect with your loved ones. WhatsApp might be a handy platform, as you can share your thoughts through various options. Explore the world of continuous communication with ‘WhatsApp’ today! 



After Facebook & WhatsApp, Instagram is a leading social communication platform to remain connected with your loved ones. You can enjoy most of the similar features, such as video chat, group chat, or live updates from all around the world on Instagram as well. The only thing different about Instagram is the UI and UX, as the vibe of Instagram is entirely distinct from the former ones. The estimated worldwide users for Instagram will range from around 1130 million in 2022. However, the figure is expected to hit a milestone of 1.2 billion by 2023. 


Best Ways to Remain Connected with your Loved Ones

Apart from remaining socially connected, there are a few other things that you can do to make people happy. You can participate in their joyful events or send a gift voucher, expressing your gratitude and appreciation on various occasions. If you are an expat from Europe, UK or Canada, these are a few best ways to remain connected with your loved ones. 


Send Money to Friends, Families in Homeland

Who doesn’t desire to bring happiness to faces they love the most in the world? So, how can one make the appropriate participation, even staying abroad? The best thing you can do for your loved ones while living abroad is a quick international money transfer. It could be financial support or a special gift for the next event for your family, friends, and special ones. 


Gift a Plane Ticket

If you plan to make an exclusive memory of special moments, proceeding towards dispatching a plane ticket as a gift is not bad. This will allow you to spend as much as possible quality time with the people that matter the most. Also, distances can be pretty disturbing for relationships. A physical meetup after a long time can be stress-relieving, bringing back the lost energy.

Best Way to make International Money Transfer

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The Bottom Line

Life is never complete without the family. For sure, the family is the one that stands by your side, even on your good and bad days. It doesn’t matter at all, wherever you live in the world. You can always find a way to connect with your loved ones in your homeland. So, what exactly to wait for? You already have the best available at your fingertips! You are always free to choose any best ways to stay connected with family from abroad.