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A black market is named as the shadow market of the economy. The black market runs different illegal activities to earn money. These informal activities are mostly criminal activities involving violation of basic human rights.


The black market has been damaging the economy in many ways and it will continue to do so if there will be the problem of poverty faced by the economies. It has been researched that people who are unable to earn through legal ways go for illegal activities after getting so much tortured by the economic crisis. The rate of black marketing is found high in poor countries as the state fails to, firstly, solve the problem and secondly, to provide equal job opportunities for all.

In the black market, one of the prominent activities is the selling of human organs. Mostly, the victims are poor people. In order to fulfill their basic needs, people sell their organs like kidneys, lungs, etc. Sometimes, people do not get the promised payment after the organ is taken from them. The various consequences created by the black market influences the lower class negatively and people who are involved in it get the benefit. The problem of poverty is used as a tool for the profits of rich people so that they can become richer.