Can You Cut Cost of Sending Money And Make Economical Transfers? Story of An Overseas

A considerable number of people send money to Senegal each year. And I am one of those. Living abroad seems like a dream for most people, but in reality, it is undoubtedly not a bed of roses. The expense is a lot, and when sending money to the family is taken into account, the thought of saving money seems to be a dream only.

Throughout the last couple of years, I tried different ways to try and cut down the cost involved in money transfer to Senegal. From banks to websites and mobile applications, every channel cost me a lot of money. Since I had to send money to support my family, therefore, I wanted to find an affordable way of sending money to Senegal.

How I Compared Different Money Transfer Companies?

I compared different ways to send money online and found that service providers like ACE Money Transfer were the most affordable. They offered me the highest exchange rate, and despite the highest standards of quality, they charge a tiny sum of money in the name of the transfer fee. And to top it all off, the entire transaction is transparent and free of any hidden fees or deductions. But despite the choice of the right service provider, I still compiled a list of tips that helped me reduce the cost even more.


Why Avoiding Sending Money During the Holiday Season?

The holiday season is the busiest season of the year. Most of the people wish to transfer money back home via an online money transfer to Senegal. Their families can enjoy an enjoyable holiday, and they can spread happiness. It is the time where the service providers are high occupied. It means that people have to send more money on the transfer. I send money either before or after the holiday period so that I can avoid charge more fee.

How to Use The Exchange Rate to My Advantage?

It took me some time to understand the entire system of online money transfer. But after a while, I did realize that the exchange rate is a significant factor that affects the cost of international money transfer. Now that I have learnt my lesson, I ensure that I check the current exchange rate before utilizing any money transfer service. If I find that the exchange rate is a bit lower, I wait till it stabilizes and is higher. This way, my family gets a handsome amount of money back at home. The service providers have the current exchange rate mentioned for the ease and convenience of the clients.

How Discussing Transfer Fee?

I have concluded that having a detailed and in-depth conversation about the transfer fee with the service provider eases a lot of troubles. Whenever I want to send money to Senegal online, I always get in touch with the service provider. I am aware of the transfer fee, and I am sure of the fact that they don’t charge an extra cost.