Can You Send Money Instantly And Get A Reward?

Sending Money to Ghana is not difficult in this modern era. Everyone wants to do all of their tasks quickly and instantly. Do you like to send money to Ghana easily and immediately? If yes. You can use the ACE Money Transfer that is offering many instant delivery options to send money. You can send money online quickly and globally.

What Are Facts Of Ghana Remittance?

Ghana is one of the largest remittance recipients in Sub-Saharan Africa with $2.2 billion. Looking at the share of GDP, Ghana ranks in 8th place.

Personal remittances receive in current USD is 3,802,876.35 in 2018, estimated by the World Bank staff. Individual remittance showing a brisk up from the past few years stick after many years of decline.

Also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

What Is ACE Money Transfer Offering?

ACE Money Transfer is one of the best transfer services to send money online to Ghana. They are giving many opportunities to the people for their ease. ACE Money Transfer is delivering the ,money quickly and most comfortably. As ACE is spreading its network worldwide, you can get your ,money at the desired place.

Can You Send Money Online Instantly?

You can send money online instantly. ACE Money Transfer is getting the point of today’s world that everyone’s time is so precious. Sending money with ACE Money Transfer is quick and straightforward. Transactions made through them are hassle-free. You can get many instant delivery options to Ghana by ACE Money Transfer.

How To Get The Lowest Fee And Highest Exchange Rates?

ACE Money Transfer offers you to send money online at any time with the lowest fee and highest exchange rates. This is an authorized money transfer organization. This is what everyone wants from an organization to send money. They provide you with the highest exchange rates because they make sure that most of your money send through optimal exchange rates.

How To Make Sure The Privacy Safeguard Factor?

ACE Money Transfer provides you with security and safeguards to your privacy. You can do the transactions carefree, and your money remains under protection. ACE Money Transfer knows that everybody loves to keep his or her money and privacy in security. That’s why they have deployed the best system to ensure that your money and account details are secure.

What Are The Multiple Payment Options?

ACE Money Transfer makes it easy for people to send money in the way they want. If you wish to do a bank transfer or cash pay-out, there is no problem. They have got it all covered with more than 300,000 pay-out locations. They provide many other delivery options for sending money. Like Send money to Ghana online, there are bank deposits, cash pickup, and mobile wallets.

Can You Track Your Transaction?

You can track your transaction for your peace of mind. Just insert the transaction number into the search bar provided for this purpose and know where your money is. People entrust their money and transactions to them to have a carefree and leisure time.

How To Send Money To Ghana?

You can send money easily through ACE Money Transfer. You can install their app to make transactions, or you can do it through their website as well. First, you have to select a country and amount. After that, choose your recipient, write confirmation details, and that’s it.

For the online money transfer to Ghana, ACE Money Transfer provides a Mobile wallet, cash pickup, and bank deposit.

Are There Cash Pickup Services?

This is an instant money transfer to Ghana. ACE Money Transfer facilitating this service from Accra to Kpandu. Your cash is ready to pick up instantly from the branches of the following banks and network:

  • United Bank of Africa Ghana
  • First Atlantic Bank Ghana
  • Bank of Africa in Ghana
  • Wari Ghana

This is the easiest way to transfer money to Ghana. Instantly after creating a transaction, your receiver gets 9- digit code.

What About Bank Deposit?

Transfer money for bank deposits against the low fee and best exchange rate. ACE Money Transfer makes it easy to transfer money to your loved ones in Ghana. It will help if you use this secure and cheap way for money transfer to Ghana. The money will be deposited into the receiver’s account in Ghana instantly when you create a transaction to transfer money to Ghana.

Is Mobile Wallet Available To Transfer Money?

ACE Money Transfer is facilitating its customers with Mobile Wallet. A mobile wallet is an instant way to send money to Ghana. Transfer your money straight away to

  • Tigo Money in Ghana
  • Airtel Money in Ghana
  • MTN accounts in Ghana

Want To Know More about ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer has all the great features and characteristics that make a company growing. They provide the best of all things to their customers. They make more exciting offers for their customers to feel like ACE Money Transfer is connected with them. On every social media platform, people don’t hesitate to ask a question. They reply to every customer generously. This company continuously asks for feedback from its customers, whether it is good or bad, to facilitate them more efficiently.

ACE serving its 2 Million customers so confidently. After obtaining Authorized Payment Institution (API) from the Financial Services Authority (FSA), ACE Money Transfer is now set to become a global name specializing in payment services and remittance. VISA verifies ACE Money Transfer. Trustly and MasterCard also verified it.