Can You Send Money Internationally With These Top Money Transferring Companies?

Money is an integral part of our life. Why not it is when we buy everything with the local currency. Millions of people live abroad from their homeland, and sending money is always of the utmost importance. Several Senegalese send money to Senegal to support their dear ones. For Senegal, the following companies are the right choice due to reliability and low fee.

World Remit

This company is providing efficient money transferring services all over Senegal. With positive feedback from 98% of people, it is regulated by FCA. World Remit provides extremely low currency exchange rates, which help the customers save most of their money. It offers cash pick out in minutes, and you can also send money online by using delivery, cash pickup and bank transfer. You can choose whatever suits you the most.

ACE Money Transfer

It is also an efficient and credible company for money transfer to Senegal. With more than 300,000 payout locations, it has made it very easy for the customers to send or receive any payment online. They have zero-markups on exchange rates, and the currency exchange rates are optimized. You can send money immediately within seconds, and the whole process is very user-friendly. No lengthy documents are needed to open your account in ACE Money Transfer. You can choose from multiple receiving options such as door to door delivery, bank transfer or instant cash pick out, according to the receiver’s feasibility.


Azimo is a good option if you have to send money to your home. It has made it easy for every migrant to send money to Senegal online without any extra effort or problem. You can get your bank account or mobile app for using their services. Their currency exchange rates are also meager, and they have around 3,00,000 pick out locations around the globe. Once you’ve made your transfer, you can track your shipment too. They may ask for your document proof and address proofs while transferring money for security.


Instagram is a good money transfer service for anyone who wants to send more significant amounts of cash to Senegal. With 92% positive feedback, they have a flat fee policy, no matter how much the money is. You can also get a bonus on your first transfer, and they have zero margins on exchange rates. You can also earn loyalty points by using their services. They are also providing multiple choices for receiving your money, such as bank transfer and cash payout locations. You can use your bank account or mobile app to send money through Instagram.

Currency Fair

They are also providing bank-beating exchange rates with the facility of same-day transfer. ASIC and CBI regulate this company.

Orbit Remit

They are also offering flat fee policies, so you can also use this company to send cash if you have any more significant amount. They have 24/7 customer support facilities, and their currency exchange rates are also comparatively low. You can receive money through a bank or by a cash payout location, whatever seems more appropriate to you.