Can You Send Money to Nigeria with Better Exchange Rates and Low Fee?

In every online money transfer, there is a multitude of factors that casts direct or indirect impacts on it. These things play a significant role when you send money globally. If you want to send money to Nigeria, some of the crucial influences of sending money are explained below.

  1. Money Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are considered as a major constituent factor whenever you send money online. If you are sending a large amount, then even the smallest variation can sum up in a lot of money. Most of the additional payments and unnecessary fee are charged in the disguise of currency exchange rates. Many companies claim that they have 0$ service charges. However, in actual, they raise the exchange rates of your transfer.

Prior to making a money transfer to Nigeria, always look upon the current rates and check if your provider is offering the same rate or are there some variations? Many online companies and pages have “Exchange Rate Calculator/Tool” at their websites, which can help you in calculating the exact cost of your transfer.

  1. Service Charges in Online Money Transfer

Each company, bank or agent has separate policies of service charges. Banks usually have a higher fee, relative to money transfer companies. However, there is a broad difference between service charges of different companies. Some of them can offer deducted prices for their regular customers. Some may offer free transfers on reaching a certain amount. Thereby, always choose the company which suits you the most and meets all your requirements.

  1. The reputation of the Internet Money Transfer provider

Money Transfer Platforms play a dynamic role in every transaction. Keep in mind, that most of the online frauds and scams are done in the disguise of payment transfer. Different hackers and thieves may form an online platform, advertise it and when you send money, the website page will be gone!

Thereby, it is vital to check on the reputation of IMT provider if you want to send money to Nigeria online. What are the previous customers saying about this company? Which regulatory authority has licensed it? What is the company’s word of mouth? All these questions can help you in detecting the reputation of any specific IMT provider. An up-to-date balance sheet and extensive trading history is usually an indicator that the company is genuine and effective.

  1. Speed of Transfer:

No person likes to be in a long-due wait solely to transfer payments online. The speed of any transfer is also a major factor, that should be kept in consideration. Generally, if you use a retailer bank, it will take 1–5 days for sending your payment. However, in case of emergency, there are some companies which allow customers to send money within a few minutes.

Efficient companies can help you in sending your payments securely in all over Nigeria. They have optimized exchange rates, and the company is licensed to perform its operations in the state. Moreover, they provide their customers with both traditional transfers along with quick transfer services through website and money transfer app.

Why A Reliable Money Transfer Service is A Priority for Sending Money to Nigeria?

These days every other person needs money transfer services. If you are not living with your family living in Nigeria and want to send money back for financial support, then you can take help from this article. Here are some steps you can follow if you’re going to send money to Nigeria:

  • Check what NGN mid-market exchange rate against your sending currency is?
  • Compare all options available
  • What are your personal needs?
  • Get started with your transfer to Nigeria

Why Preferring a Trusted Money Transfer Service Provider?

While choosing the right service provider, trust is the priority. Online money transfer services should not only be secured but also that your recipient feels comfortable with. Older generations of the family only prefer certain service providers they are used to using and trust. Here are some qualities associated with a trusted money transfer service provider

  • No issues regarding transfers
  • No hidden charges
  • Reliable exchange rates
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Threat protection
  • Regulated and fully licensed

ACE Money Transfer tics all these boxes. They provide you with a useful website so that you can easily send money online to your family and friends living in Nigeria.

Can You Use Mobile Applications for Transferring Money Conveniently?

So many people use smart mobile phones these days. They also use these phones for online shopping and to send money online. Online money transfer service provider companies provide you with mobile applications so that you can quickly transfer money whenever you want and wherever you want. ACE Money Transfer also has a convenient mobile app for their customers.

How Exchange Rates Affect Your Money Transfer to Nigeria?

It is a fact that the currency market is unforeseeable. It would be better to keep an eye on fluctuations in exchange rates so that that you can maximize the Naira your beneficiary receives after transfer. For money transfer to Nigeria, have a check on the mid-market exchange rate and then decide what favorable time to validate the transaction is.

How Can You Save Money While Transferring It to Nigeria?

Online money transfer service should be cost-effective. Banks and some other companies may charge you hidden fees and extra charges for international money transfers. Before choosing the service provider for you to make sure to compare transfer fees and exchange rates offered by different companies, choose the best one for you.

Final Thoughts

Sending money abroad is not an easy task. There are a lot of options available these days. But if you choose wisely, you can send money to Nigeria online and other countries immediately without paying extra charges. It is better to consider digital ways of transferring money to Nigeria. It is recommended to prefer a reputed service for money Transfer. With them, you can send money online whenever you want and wherever you want, quickly and safely. With a useful website and mobile app, you can make money transfer while sitting in your office or home.