Can You Send Money to Someone Who Is Without a Bank Account?

Sending money to someone out there who does not own a bank account is not that difficult. Here are some ways you can send money to Pakistan to someone without a bank account. Also, you can find the most suitable option for you and your recipient. It doesn’t have to be complicated, so we simplified your choices.

How to Create an E-Wallet?

This is by far the cheapest option. Setting up a virtual account with providers is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to send money to Pakistan online without a bank account. You can seamlessly sign up without any hassle and hefty charges, especially when you’re transferring money internationally.

An E-Wallet allows you to send money quickly and permits the receiver to access the money you send them immediately. They can spend and withdraw that money instantly. It’s that easy.

How to Send Money Online in an E-Wallet?

Opening an E-Wallet is free, fast, doesn’t require a bank account or any credit checks, and you can start using your account immediately.

Topping up your account is simple, as you can top up your account online and offline via a dedicated app or by visiting a bank.

An E-Wallet can also be one of the cheapest options within the marketplace, as the recipient is not charged for receiving money and the sender can also send money online for free. However, this is dependent on the provider you select and the type of account you have with them.

How To Send Money Through E-Wallet for Free:

Both the sender and recipient will need to have an E-Wallet with the same provider because sending to an account created by a different provider will likely incur additional fees. You can send money in multiple currencies too, but you will be charged a foreign exchange fee if the money you’re sending in is different from the default currency on account of the recipient. Another additional benefit of an E-Wallet is that you can use it to make purchases at millions of locations worldwide.

Can You Use Pre-Paid Card Services?

There are numerous pre-paid card services that you can utilize depending on where you are located. The most popular pre-paid card services require you to have a bank account, but some prepaid cards do not require this. If you’re based in the UK, some supermarket chains offer pre-paid card services, where you’re able to transfer money directly to a recipient’s bank account, make it available for cash pick-up, or have it delivered to your recipient’s door. Additional charges vary depending on the provider, the currency you’re converting to, the country you’re paying to, the amount you’re sending, and specific sign-up costs.

How Much Is It Good to Send Money Globally in The Post?

Withdrawing physical cash and posting it to your recipient is a plausible option, but that doesn’t mean it’s an advisable one. For an online money transfer to Pakistan, choose a reliable method. Converting your money and sending it in the form of digital money is slightly more secure if you ensure that you are sending it via a tracked and trustworthy system.