Can You Transfer Money Through Banks Or A Reputable Online Money Transfer Service?

International money transfer is the rave these days. It is swift, effortless, and of course, very secure. More and more people are utilizing this service because of its credibility and the features it offers. There are many ways to send money to Senegal, Nepal, India, Canada through international services, and one such way is through banks.

Why Send Money To Banks Via Digital Method?

Many people who world in other countries are far away from their family members, friends while working and living abroad. They need a safe and fast way of transferring money, which online money transfer services can offer.

One can easily send money to Senegal online through the bank with the help of a digital service by just utilizing their mobile application or their website. ACE money transfers send money all over the globe—it shows that it is safe and secure.

What Is The Procedure Of Sending Money Through Banks Internationally?

Here is how you do it when it comes to banks:

First of all, many international money transfer services will show a brief view of the transfer that will occur if you opt for it entirely. Always check the exchange rate that is offered. Also how much time it will take to send money. Now see that there will be a box on the website or the app where you can add the country where you belong to. Then, the country you want to send to, and the service you want to choose to send through, you will be shown the exchange rate once you add these details. The time it will take to send money to a specific country.

What Procedure To Follow For Online Money Transfer?

Once you are okay with the online money transfer to Senegal, you can go all the way by the following method:

  • Go to the website or the mobile app of the international money transfer service.
  • Create your account on the service’s app and sign up after adding the necessary details in it. Once the details are added, like your address, phone number, email etc., you will sign up.
  • After signing up, you have to log in to the app or website of the service. Once you have logged in, you can enter the details of the recipient.
  • Add the recipient by going to the drop list or simply adding a new person to whom you want to send the money. Once you have added, the service will ask for details of the bank account they have, their full name, address, email, and phone number (remember some of these can be optional), but the bank details will always be needed while sending through banks).
  • The following method comes is by choosing what way you want to pay the recipient. You can select through a bank account, through credit card and debit card, or others like INTERAC, SOFORT etc., once done, you can confirm it.

Once the confirmation is done, the recipient will get a message from the service to get the money soon. The sender will get a message too. Once the money is received, they will get another message of money transfer to Senegal being successful.