What is the black market?

A black market is considered a type of economic activity taking place outside the sanctioned channels of the government. The transactions of the black market usually occur “under the table” to allow participants to avoid price controls or taxes of the government. The black markers are also known to be the […]

What is the Importance of US Dollar?


Today, the world is practising foreign trade in exchange for dollars. it is a reserve currency. After the Second World War, according to Bretton Woods plan, countries agreed upon a fixed rate of exchange for all currencies to the US dollar. US dollar is also the new gold standard. The global […]

Some of the great ways to improve economy


The modern era is like a race of different economies. There are strong economies possessing higher positions and there are countries with slow economies, struggling for economic growth. The economy is a very important aspect of development. It has become crucial for nations to stabilize their economies in order to create […]

How to run a successful business?


In this age of growing entrepreneurship, everybody wants new ways of doing business. No doubt, it’s a world of business. Everybody thinks that they can make money so much easier in this so much difficult world. Well, that’s not true. For a successful business, it is important that you get the […]

Why central banks increase money supply?


Central banks use several ways through which they can influence the money supply. Changes in money supplies are backed by different economic reasons and central banks, by following monetary policies, increase or decrease the money printing. Majorly, increase in money supply is regarded as an alarming situation for the economic condition. […]

How to send large amount of money.

In order to establish the best way to send large amounts of money overseas we have to keep in mind the few factors that affects your money transferring process. Following are a few factors that affects remittances: The exchange rate provided by the service provider. The time it takes to complete […]

Pay Low Transfer Fee Send Money to Pakistan

Do you want to send money to Pakistan online and you don’t know how to? Remittances are essential as they are funds transferred from migrants to their home countries. They are the private savings of workers and families that are in the home country for food, clothing and other expenditures, and […]