How Is Bangladesh Struggling To Keep the Trend Of Remittance Going Upward During Current Pandemic Situation?

Bangladeshi expatriates send money to Bangladesh is increased during covid-19 lockdown due to restrictions to stay-at-home. As compared to the same time last year, Bangladesh’s remittance inflow increased by 50% in March. The high inflow pattern began at the start of the current fiscal year (FY2020-21) but eventually slowed before the […]

How India Pips China, US, Others In 2020 and Leads Global Tally With Highest Online Money Transfers?

Digitalization has changed the way people send money to India and even domestic transactions. The November 2016 demonetization was perhaps the most significant trigger for India’s digitization. At the time, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the demonetization of the 500 and 1,000-rupee paper currency, causing widespread economic disruption. Even though […]

What Are The Reasons Behind Ten Consecutive Months Of Remittance Above £2 Billion?

Sending money to Pakistan in a bank account for roughly 86 percent of Pakistan’s secondary income balance, emphasizing their importance for the country’s overall foreign exchange reserves. Pakistan received USD 21 billion in remittances between 2020 and 2021, nearly equaling the country’s total export bill. It is worth noting that the […]

What Makes Nigeria Third Most Foreign Investment Country In The World?

Nigerian expatriates send money to Nigeria for investment.  After Egypt and Ethiopia, Nigeria is Africa’s third-largest FDI recipient. The country is one of Africa’s most exciting growth poles, attracting many investors in the hydrocarbon, energy, and construction sectors, among others. The implications of the oil counter-shock are felt throughout the world. […]

Brief Guide For Expat – How To Save Money On Foreign Exchange And Transaction Fee?

Before you send money to Gambia, there are certain things to understand. Money exchange rate fluctuations and market volatility can have a significant impact on an expat’s income and expenditure power, particularly for those on fixed incomes who are on a limited budget. Since exchange rates are directly related to economic […]

How Can Overseas Pakistanis Invest In Pakistan Stock Exchange?

Most of the expatriates send money to Pakistan for investment purposes. Foreign persons and institutions and Overseas Pakistanis can invest in securities listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange. They will benefit from the opportunity for growth that investing in the stock market provides. For non-resident Pakistanis, investing in PSX is especially an […]

How Expatriates Buoying Economy Of Developing Countries Through Remittance?

Non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) send money to Bangladesh have played a critical role in buoying the country’s economy during the pandemic, sending a record amount of remittance despite the challenges posed by Covid-19. The direct and indirect contributions of NRBs are one of the most key considerations in Bangladesh’s development. Bangladesh has become […]

How To Avoid Steep Drop Of Remittance In The Current Global Condition?

Senegalese send money to Senegal in 2019 was 2,522,205.66 in local currency. Sub-Saharan Africa was one of the quickest remittance regions in 2017 and 2018, but the continent’s money transfer growth slowed in 2019. Remittances to middle and low economies surpassed foreign direct investment (FDI) as the most significant component of incoming […]

Expatriates Pump $15 Billion A Year Into Bangladesh’s Economy As Remittance— But At What Cost?

Bangladeshi diasporas send money to Bangladesh to support their home countries economy. Bangladesh’s past is a migration tale. For decades, people in the Bengal delta area have been on the move. The origins of modern labour migration can be traced back to colonial times. Approximately 500,000 Bangladeshis flee the country each […]