How Electronic Payment Used in E-Commerce?


Electronic money transfer allows buyers to pay for goods and services electronically i.e. through electronic ways. This doesn’t involve physical money. Electronic money transfer systems are a crucial aspect of E-commerce. Such services make the purchasing of goods and services possible in online purchasing. E-commerce and electronic money transfer services go […]

What are the drawbacks of E-Commerce?


E-commerce has brought easiness to life by bringing the market place to home. Discussing the negative side, e-commerce has a number of disadvantages that can bother the users one way or another. Possible Draw Backs There is no personal approach between the retailer and the buyer. The declining trend of personal […]

What is E-Commerce? Everything you need to know


E-commerce provides firms and individuals with a structure over an electronic network like the internet to perform business. It is a way through which selling and buying of goods and services are done on the internet. E-commerce can be operated over computers, tablets, or smartphones and other electronic equipment that is […]

Things to know about Social Media & Economy


Social media is a vast network of people interacting over the internet. Several numbers of socializing websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Gmail, television, etc collectively make a web of social media.  The impact of social media is a global phenomenon and everyone is exposed to it. Social media and […]

How Online Money Transfer Works in E-Commerce?


Online money transfer and electronic-transfer can be discussed collectively because both are closely interconnected. In the world of online shopping, electronic money transfer has become very common and plays a central role in making it possible. Evolution of E-commerce has attached many other electronic services to itself. In the field of […]

What are the Strongest Currencies in the world?

Currency is the medium of exchange for goods and services which is an important element of a country. Just like a standard exchange currency is used inside a country, international trade is also done by accepting a common currency worldwide. For most of the international transactions currencies like the US dollar, […]

What are the Unique Ways to Exchange Currency?

Today, a lot of people exchange their currencies in different ways whenever they travel abroad or invest in foreign countries. If you are an international traveller, then you would definitely need the best way to exchange currency. Options are plenty, but wise decision making is important. Once you reach your destination, […]

What is the role of state in Entrepreneurship?

Regulations play a crucial role in the development of entrepreneurship, but it requires a fine balancing activity of the regulating authority. Unregulated entrepreneurship may be the cause of unwanted social evils including unfair market practices, corruption, financial crisis and even criminal activity that can negatively influence the economy as a whole. […]